Future of Inventor

After assisting with the animation last year i realized how cool and useful inventor was and i started flirting with it. Half a year later I think I have lost all possibility of ever having a girlfriend and frankly I don’t care because I would definately bare the child of this program. I missed out on the inventor competition in the 05-06 season and strongly regret it, but i think i might be strong competition next year, especially with some of the cool new stuff thats come out in the version 10 package.

I wanted to know if anyone knows what new is expected in the version 11 package, and also if anyone had any ideas for practice between the seasons.

I have tried building several assemblies of everyday objects and I’m running out of ideas to prepare for next year, but any ideas are up for the taking.

Invent something! :wink:

Just as 10 is to 9, 11 will be to 10. at least from what I hear. Even more new and improved stuff. Even better rendering and animation and project management included as part of Inventor from what I hear.

I have a pdf of what’s coming in 11, and all I can say is woah. It’s gonna be huge. (but the one I’m really looking forward to will be 12, when they make sheet metal better)

So lemme dig around a little, I’ll see if I can find the pdf. (I should also ask if I have permission to make it public… It came from an inside source…)

And as for things to design, make a FIRST robot. for this game. Just start from scratch, and design all of it. Make it meet all the expectations that you had for your original bot. Make it do whatever you want. And then to fill your summer, use Inventor Studio to animate it doing stuff. And then post the videos, cuz I wanna see!

one of the major improvements with 11 is going to be working with surfaces instead of solids. Inventor has alot of capability now but surfaces remain alot to be desired, I have heard (i saw a demo) that it is much better in 11.

For what it’s worth i have been switched over to pro-e for the time and and am not getting a chance to do much with inventor now.

I’ll be taking a class on may 7th for work. We are gonna get a single copy of 11 and I’ll tell you what I’m excited as all heck to use it!

You’re gonna have a blast with 11. The Autodesk booth at SVR was home to an Autodesk rep for a bit, and he had 11 on his lappy.

Make sure you check out the new frame generator, it’s AMAZING. You can make an entire robot frame, actually quite complex, in just a couple of minutes. And yes, there is a lot more focus on surfaces.

(it turns out I can’t find my pdf of what’s new, I seem to have lost it…)

OK Inventor 11 is not much different from 10 (at least not like the leap from 9 to 10)

There will be i-Assemblies now. Which we won’t realy use much, mostly will benefit the major corporations that use the program.

You can render images now (in 10, they all disappear-kind’ve defeats the purpose)

The chain feature can handle really small links now

They made the program able to handle larger files more easily by being able to turn off all bolts and screws to handle huge file sizes

Those are really all the highlights, there’s a little more that deals with a better ease of navagation. Unfortunately, I think that our team will just stick with Inventor 10 next year. But I personally would think about getting the next one, because the only major difference I liked when I played with the program was being able to render images. But, of course, it’s always awesome to have the latest version.

o man if you could past that it would be amazing. I have been using the surface extrusionsons a lot more lately, and they are somewhat useful. I think that if thats what their improving it’ll be interesting to see what more you can do with them. And aye, I’ll probably get it when may 7th rolls arond.

For me anyway, for anything I do in 10, I can do it just as well and just as easily in 5. While I am aware of new features, I don’t really have much use for them.

How about threads without Excel? As far as I know, Inventor 10 is the first version to allow that. (I found that out the hard way–my laptop has a different program for spreadsheets and Inventor doesn’t use it. I couldn’t do threads at all.)

here is an obvious change that was put on the little info card with 10 this year, the software is changing to DVD format instead of the normal CD format. I think the program will get a lot bigger and take up more space. Which is bad news if it happens as i run off a PIII and have only like 40 gigs of memory. My comp is SLOW when i run Inventor 10, so the new one, whether 11 or 12, will make it so i can only use Inventor or the rest of my computer at one time. :frowning:

Wanna move to Silicon Valley? :smiley:

Believe me im already considering it.

Now that we’ve all seen the kiosk in Atlanta and the software has hit shelves, it’s time to revive this thread.
Who has it so far? What do you think?
Personally, I don’t have it, but I saw a lot in Atlanta, and I like contact constraints (i think that’s what their called), which allow you to move things by contact with surfaces, like things do in the real world, eliminating the whole issue of “phasing through” solid objects. (I’ve already foreseen one incredible application of this, but I’m not going to let it slip just yet.)
The frame generator is a neat feature for designing, but for award-submission-quality files, I don’t think it’ll cut it.

However, given the school computers my team will be stuck with, I don’t think they’ll (yes, they…I’m taking back my power tools…or am I?) be able to use the features to the best of their ability. Our school computers are so slow, so limited by security privileges (we can’t right-click files or web pages), and so all-around bad, that even 10 was quite a stretch.

haha. One of my tech teachers ran up to me today to tell me that he found out the schools getting 11 before the end of the year. These “antiphase” constraint things sound pretty useful from what you say.

As far as the frame generator goes, your right, it probably wont be competition material, but it will certainly make jobs easier. but o man, those new Lofts for curved surfaces!!! OMG. they look incredible.

heres the link to the demonstration videos for 11