Future Projects in Chairman's

My team is in the final stages of writing our Chairman’s Submission and we wanted to know if it’s okay to add things that the team is planning to do in the future to the essay.

For example, 226 attended the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival last year and we’re planning to do something like that in our city this year. We haven’t started planning yet, but know we’re going to do something at our festival. We have a lot of different ideas we’re planning to implement this summer, which have stemmed off from what we’ve already done.

We’ve talked to a lot of people and they’re split between don’t write it at all and mention future ideas briefly. I wanted to know if the teams that have won in the past have included future projects, or if it really doesn’t matter.


Why not? As long as you’re sure you’re going to do something like that–don’t just include an idea your team that sounds good but you might not use–you could briefly describe it near the end.

Last year in our Rookie All-Star essay, I included a few sentences about the direction our team would go in the future, and what accomplishments lie ahead, although I think it was a little more general than specific activities.

Definitely include some of your future projects in your Chairman’s essay. It shows that you’re not just interested in winning the award that year, but that you are truly dedicated to working on ways to improve FIRST in the many years to come. It lets the judges know that if/when you win the Chairman’s, you’re not just going to stop at that–you’re going to keep on going to help other teams all over FIRST.

Yes, you can in clude it briefly at the end as what else you are working on to show your forward vision,

but, your focus should be on what you have actually done (last few years, per the guidelines). You don’t have much time with the judges so you want to make the best of it.

1 “ACTUALLY DID” outweights 10 “PLAN TO”

Like Chris said, don’t dedicate too much time to it. If you bring any supplemental materials with you to your interview, so you can also include a bit about future projects in there if it doesn’t fit in your essay.


Now I’ll go add in everything I took out… :slight_smile: