fuzzy robots?

I can’t find anything in the rules regarding fur-like fabric. Yes, this is a legitimate (though hardly crucial) question. It is an option we are considering for this year’s robot. Thanks!:smiley:

Do you mean to use it for bumpers or for some other part of the robot (decorative or otherwise)?

If you mean on the bumpers, from the manual:

BUMPERS must be constructed as follows (see Figure 4-4):

D. be covered with a rugged, smooth cloth

If not for bumpers, I would still be concerned about hairs coming off and getting in the electronics.

Or your chains.

Not for the bumpers, just decoration. It might just fit a theme. I understand the concern regarding fur falling in the electronics.

if some fuzzies is breaking the chain drive…there may be other issues :wink:

Decorate away!

Yyyyeah. That’s true

Yeah, this was my concern exactly (and with the electronics). We had an early cRIO that didn’t have a good gasket and it was amazing (in a very sad way) the things that found their way into that “sealed” box. Similar last year with “gummy” wheels on our Rebound Rumble shooter, we were cleaning it every few matches.

Yeah, as would I. I wonder what a robot covered with fuzz would look like… Maybe we should try it Max… jk

On a serious note, i think it would get messed up in the electronics and gears, etc.

If you can build it without it breaking electronics, please post photos. I think a furry robot would be PRETTYFUL!!

To answer your initial question: No rule against it, so long as it doesn’t put you over the weight limit.

But I’m with everyone else on this, fuzzy fabric could be harmful to electronics and gears and chains. Speaking from a seamstress point of view, I’ve sewn with fuzzy fabrics before, and even the short haired variety has a habit of shedding and getting little bits and pieces everywhere, floating in the air and adhering to everything in sight.

If you want the fuzzy fabric to make it look like some sort of animal fur, I’d suggest animal print fabric that is smooth.