[FVC]: Age Limit for VEX?


I’m just wondering if there is an age limit for people who are on a VEX team, specifically the drivers.

Or… maybe they have to be in high school…

Can anyone clarify this? When I read the rules, I found nothing about an age limit.


From the coach’s manual:

**The Students **
Your FVC team will have up to 10 students, typically high school aged. For a true team experience, we recommend a minimum of three students per team. Students come to the team from many different avenues such as schools, after-school programs, home-school groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girls Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs, YWCA, YMCA, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, religious groups, and neighborhood groups.

So I don’t think it’s a rule, but it’s definetly a guideline. I know for a fact some middle schools have teams. As far as students that have graduated from high school, I have a feeling they are not allowed…but I’m not sure if that’s an official rule.

FIRST has targeted this program at high school age students, but allows younger students to participate as well. If older than high school age, you would be considered a mentor on a team not a student participant.
Please see this threadwhich discusses it further, and refer all questions to the FVC Q&A forums for official answers.

URLs to some specific team membership Q&A messages, found on the the FIRST FVC Q&A web site that Kathie mentioned, are listed in the message at this URL http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=537759&postcount=16

Just as in FRC rules, some of the FVC rules mention “pre-college” students - for instance, the drivers.

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The executive summary is that teams do not have to be affiliated in any way with schools, and that there is no lower age limit


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