[FVC]: Can you change a vex servo to motor?

The servo module has a large black gear with a stock on it, if we remove the stock will the servo module work the same as a motor module? I heard something that the servo and motor spin their shafts in opposite directions, but I’m not sure I don’t want to break it. Anyone know?

  1. That’s illegal in FVC. Motors cannot be modified in any way.
  2. Why would you want to do it anyway? Just use a regular Vex motor.

If you still want to do it, we did this once a while ago: completely open up the motor, find the potentiometer (which is somehow connected to a gear), and remove it or push it out of the way.
I’m not sure about the stock, and I don’t have a motor available to look at. Maybe that’s what holds the end of the potentiometer.

As worldbringer said, our team has opened up a servo to try this and it is in fact illegal for vex competions. But if you are just doing this for fun or some other reason, what you can do is either remove the stock from the gear. The stock is what moves the potentiometer or use one of the motor gears that are identical in every way except for that stock. Another method, which we have not tried would be to remove the potentiometer completely, but this could also render the motor useless.

Hope this answered your question.

If you remove it, the correct wires from the pot have to be connected for it to keep working.

you also need some resistors in place of the POT, too.

how would the judge kno if no one tell. but it is all about gracious professionalism. :yikes:

The judges can tell because the servos are marked as a servo motor on the back. If the motor rotates continuously but says servo on the back, then it’s obviously been modified.