FVC Championship Tournaments--who's going where?

Well, where are you going?

(Personally, I’ll be getting my Team 0000 on at the South Carolina Championship Tournament in Orangeburg again. I might try to get in for some of the others as well.)

Team 3465 Wellsville Lions will be attending the tournament in PA in mid March.

We are looking forward to it and we just got our kit so it’s build time soon!

The massena VEX team will be attending the NJ FVC Championship Tournament the first weeknd in December and man are we looking forward to it!


Team 3053 will be attending the NJ and PA tournaments. We’re a rookie team, so we’re eagerly anticipating the NJ tournament on December 3rd.

Team 2160 (formerly 160) from Waterbury, CT is going to Hartford, December 16th.

Lots of work still to do…


Team 173 will be attending ConnVex(mostly becuase I think I would be killed by a certain CT Vex Affiliate partner if I didn’t have my team go there…(j/k)) I can’t wait to start seeing this game in action!

Oh, come on… Would she really do that?! :ahh:

OK, I may have heavily influenced their decision, but I would never kill a mentor for not choosing an event I was planning… maim maybe, but never kill! :smiley:

Team 3267 Polaris is attending the Ontario regional in novemeber and the march regional in Penn

Team 3377 is attending the one in MA, and maybe in Penn?

I beleive FVC 116 will be attending the Virginia and Delaware events.

Freddy Schurr will be volunteering for the NJ FRC VEX Tournament.

And members of FRC 173 will be volunteering/going to Connvex mainly because a certain CT Vex Affiliate partner’s son, would kill us (or me). :yikes:


1902 Exploding Bacons Vex team will be at the Florida Challenge on Dec. 16th.

Its along with a FLL tournament that our 2 Lego teams will be at.

The scrimmage held yesterday in PA showed some very interesting robot designs. It was exciting to see the fields in action!

Just for everyone to know, Freddy Schurr will be a play by play announcer at the Dec 3rd NJ VEX Tournament.

Team 1676 will be at the NJ VEX tournament on Dec. 3

And I’ll probably (cough hopefully cough) get dragged along with them and be forced (cough force them :smiley: cough) to work on the programming (cough autonomous cough- ETHAN AND LIZZIE :smiley: ).

hmmmm… By the way, did we ever get that autonomous to work properly.

(cough no cough)