FVC Fundraising

I know what The TechnoKats do for fundraising, but I want to branch out and do something else for fundraising for The KokoMandoes VEX team. What are some ways fellow VEX teams raise money. I know we won’t need to raise as much money as we need to for TechnoKats. So, any ideas on how to easily raise money for VEX?

Not for an FVC team, but for an Eagle Scout project the scout in question ran a bake sale fundraiser this past weekend that raised $800.

He did his sale outside his church with a fairly large congregation, so it was a particular generous crowd. He solicited for baked goods from family and friends and from bakeries doing their daily shelf clearing. Bakeries and warehouse places like Costco throw out their day-old or expiring baked goods. He visited the local bakeries to explain his project and made arrangements to pickup donated bake goods at the end of the day before his sale. It’s a win for the bakeries since they gain community goodwill and can write-off the full value of the donated goods.