FVC Game???

OK Kids, now that everyone knows there’s going to be regional events, what’s the game going to be like?

HINT 1: It’s not a replay of the previous FRC game
HINT 2: Inflatable Clowns come in small sizes too :slight_smile:

After the game is released we’ll come back to the thread and award almighty guru points for the closest guesses.

OK, let me be the very first one to say it:

I heard that it is going to be an underwater game!


probably a sports type game with an obstacle course. like get more goals then the competitors by going through a deficult obstacle course then coming back with bonuses available along the way.

I think this may have something to do with it. :wink:

I’ll bet you have to carry a football from across a pool. There are floating clowns you’re able to balance on to escape the the hungry sharks swimming around…

Or whatever.

Who let this guy in here? Security!!!

Sorry, but due to recent budget cuts, we’ve had to sack the entire security force and replace it with this small rotating light:


You have to move diffrent sized objcts into different sized containers and avoid obstacles and go over ramps while doing it?

So does that mean that the VEX robot kits will all come with rotating lights like the FRC kits used to? :yikes:


Going from Rich’s and Dave’s posts, I figure the game just has to have these!



Hm… clown fish. That has possiblities.

Maybe the field is orange and white striped?

just keep swimming …

I’ve got it! INFLATABLE clown fish!!! :smiley:

The game is due to be announced next month.
Thus far, there would be no almighty guru points awarded.

Too much to do for every match to be the same.
When is an alliance not an alliance?

This makes me think two things:

  1. The field will be more FLL in nature than FRC (in that there are multiple sub-tasks, as opposed to the relatively few tasks FRC robots have)
  2. There will be some sort of individual bonus on the field, such as the 1.1 multiplier from 2001.

Povocative thoughts, but…
some of this has no counterpart in FIRST history

[quote=Rich Kressly]OK Kids, now that everyone knows there’s going to be regional events, what’s the game going to be like?

HINT 1: It’s not a replay of the previous FRC game
HINT 2: Inflatable Clowns come in small sizes too :slight_smile:

Inflatable clowns are shaped like Russian stacking dolls. The game is not like the previous FRC game in that the robot does not stack tetras on top of the goal, but rather picks up nested objects and moves them to a scoring area. OK, I don’t have a crystal ball. When will the real game be announced?[/quote]

An alliance is not an alliance when:
a. Only one member of the alliance gets points for completing an objective
b. All robots must compete for one specific object/area, especially toward the end of a match
c. The alliances change (or are created/disbanded) partway through the match (or only revealed afterwords)

Too much to do/variation of matches when:
a. There are plenty of possible objectives in each and every match, and the creators believe that no robot will possibly be able to do it all
b. Many different objectives will be prepared but during each match only some of them will be available (certain areas of field closed off or only some objects placed on field)
c. Some object are put into game only at certain intervals (some very close to the end, perhaps) and robots will have no chance of getting all of the tasks complete by then

Inflatable Clowns come in small sizes too:
a. Those mini nemo-fishes are some kind of scoring object
b. Rich is just trying to confuse us :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be funny, but… FIRST usually picks playing field components that can be bought with relative ease. I’d think that the Vex challenge would be either 2 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 1 vs. 1. I don’t think that there would be any more than four teams at once on the field, because there is only 10 radio crystals available for use with Vex.

Also, I don’t think that the 2006 FVC game would be like FLL. There is only one team on a FLL field at a time (although there are two field back-to-back), so everything (almost, okay except for the thing which straddles the two fields every year) in FLL is designed to be done by one team.

You can do some pretty amazing things with Vex, so I would not be surprised if there was a simple and a complex task to do in the new FVC game. A simple task may be pushing cubes or tennis balls or PVC pipe thingamajigs into a scoring zone. A complex task might be taking these and applying a scoring multiplier - like capping them or loading them into a rasied scoring zone or scoring a set of playing field pieces in a specific order. (Like smaller pieces atop larger pieces, similar to the Tower of Hanoi)

Also, since the programming module came out, this year’s FVC game will probably take aim to utilize some of the new sensors. There will most likely be autonomous. I’d keep my eyes open for line following and ultrasonic-based tasks in autonomous. There will most likely be a bonus score/match score multiplier for doing something special in autonomous. (Like triggering a device, scoring a playing field component, etc.)

Now the only thing left is to ascertain what the playing field component will be. These might be blocks/cubes, tennis balls (although I doubt they will do balls since they did last year), rings/hoops, pipes/tubes, beanbags, footballs, or muon-based polygonic flux capicators (whatever that is http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/42.gif). But then again, how well do we really know FIRST? We can only be certain that FIRST always throws a curve ball when it comes to game design. The only problem is guessing where it will go this time. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/46.gif

Only hours left until it’s time to know!

At this point some of you have earned almighty guru points …
Some of you pay attention to the actual capabilities of the Vex products…
Some of you have also come up with some ideas the FVC Game Design Committee bounced around, but did not use…

However, there have been no correct guesses at an actual scoring object that is a very commonly found item. I wonder if anyone can sniff this one out before release??? I’ll also purchase and ship a Vex Omni-Wheel Kit to anyone who can guess how final team rankings are going to be calculated in the FVC game. In fact, just get close, and the Omni’s are yours. :slight_smile:

get you final thoughts in tonight …