FVC Hight Requirements

In the FVC. For the height requirements, can the antenna exceed the height requirements?

We don’t believe that any part on the robot can exceed the 60 in. height requirement. But if others think differently, please post your thoughts.

I believe this is a question about the FIRST Vex Challenge, not FRC robots (which can be 60 inches tall)
This was asked and answered in the official FVC Q&A system…
No, the antenna cannot protrude above the height requirement.

This thread belong in the Vex forum.

And the hight limit for FVC is 12", which is the maximum height for everything on your robot, antenna included.

EDIT: Rich beat me to it

First, questions about FIRST rules should be posted to the FIRST Forums - at least if you want an official answer. As you may have noticed, the first response to your question gave the answer for FRC, where you asked about FVC.

That said, this exact question was posted to the FIRST FVC forum not too long ago, and the answer is that the antenna (and anything else) has to be within the 12 in. height requirement.

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