FVC Orangeburg Thanks and Congrats

Today I went to Orangeburg for the FVC event down there. (Nothing like a 5:00 AM wake up plus having to drive an hour to start off your first stint as a judge, I’ll say.)

Here’s the results, in the order I pulled them from the presentation:

FIRST Vex Challenge Award: FVC 171, Clover High School (also home to 2005 Palmetto Rookie All-Stars FRC 1539). Here’s the citation from the judges:

FVC 171: Clover High School (Yep, they pulled a HOT on us!)
FVC 4: Carolina Academy
FVC 111: Cross High School

FVC 7: South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math
FVC 123: Strom Thurmond High School and Career Center
FVC 165: East Clarendon High School

Connect Award: FVC 7, South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math

Amaze Award: (We gave two Amaze Awards, because the judges agreed that both teams genuinely deserved it):

FVC 176: Lincoln High School

FVC 165: East Clarendon High School

Think Award: FVC 154, Cope Area Career Center

Create Award: FVC 4, Carolina Academy

Everyone did a great job, especially for the first time out. I have lots of pictures, which I will be uploading to Delphi over the weekend. Big thanks to SC State University for hosting us, all the volunteers and crew, and to all the teams for making this a far more interesting Friday than usual for me. Hope to see a lot of y’all at Palmetto!

Thanks for the post Billfred… I made the almost 4 hr drive from Atlanta to the event on yesterday also. Nothing like a 3:00am wakeup and 1:00 am return to keep my eyes bloodshot all day today. I made the trip there with another individual who will be serving as a judge here in Atlanta. There were lots of things about the SC Vex tournament that we liked, and several things that we will have to change or adjust when teams come to Atlanta. This is mainly due to the Atlanta tournament being a joint FRC and FVC event. Other than some minor but somewhat irritating problems with the scoring system and the field controls, I felt it was a very successful and organized event. Crowd control around the playing field was also an issue but easily fixed.

Thanks to all who attended, participated, and especially to SCSU for hosting the event for us. I also have quite a few photos as well as movie clips that I will try to get posted over the next day or 2.