***FVC Programming Kit/Bundle Kit Upgrade***

FVC Programming Kit/Bundle Kit Upgrade

Dear Teams,

If you recently purchased materials from Innovation First for the FIRST Vex Challenge and received either the standard Programming Kit software or a backorder slip, you should be receiving an upgrade to intelitek’s easyC v. 2.0 in the mail shortly. Innovation First has worked directly with intelitek to provide this excellent resource for you. The 2.0 version includes templates, which are necessary for this year’s competition (as it allows for the autonomous play at the beginning of the match). There will be an inspector at each competition to make sure that you are running the 2.0 version of easyC and have the correct libraries and files, but you should also double-check this before you arrive at your tournament.

If you bought a seat or classroom through intelitek, you will again need to deal with intelitek directly at [email protected]. If you have chosen to use MPLAB, this option is still available for use. Please see http://www.vexrobotics.com/programming for more information.

We wish you much luck this season, and hope to see you at the tournaments!

Go Teams!

  • FVC Team Support