[FVC]: team 3391 robot

Our team started our robot last monday. completely from scratch. nothing but an idea and knowledge of all the robots we’ve seen. we finished up a few days ago and are making final tweaks/design improvements. our robot has a conveyor that is six tank treads wide that feed a basket which can hold around 12 balls. the basket then raises and dumps the balls in the high goal. in regards to raising the basket we are having troubles with linear slide packs which have a lot of friction when they arent mounted perfectly. we are exploring other methods of raising it and it should be finalized tomorrow. our feeder system eats stacks fantastically which will enable our autonomous to score about 8 balls in the high goal.
Robot Abilities

  • Score high goal
  • Score up to 8 in autonomous
  • kick atlas ball out of arena
  • hold about 7 balls in our conveyor

Will post pictures and/or video tomorrow or saturday.

Chooo chooo! the pwny express is about to leave the station!
(Shoot me I’m silly)

Here are some pictures of our robot.
The final product
Our basket with powered gate (holds six balls the gate makes it score every single time. We figured that quick scoring was better then getting alot of balls and possibly getting blocked from scoring.
Side view
Back view
Overhead of our basket and intake system

A few more…

This is where the balls go in!
Basket raised to height.
This is how the basket is lifted
Our gate opened up
One more view

Tell us what you think everyone! I look forward to meeting all of you in Atlanta

I am sorry for the size of the pictures… I have no idea why they are so large. :confused:

wow, that is one good looking robot. wish ya guys luck in atl.

Good ideas!

Why isn’t the atlas-ball-ejection wheel-pair (my guess) on the front connected to anything? Did you run out of motors or just not quite finish yet?


It will attach with chain to our ball intake system… Lazyness is a huge factor on that one