FVC Tournament Structure

I read up on how FRC splits all of the qualifying teams into four groups and runs them like mini-tournaments of their own. I have been unable to find out any information regarding what the tournament structure will be for FVC. Does anyone know, or is it as of yet undecided?

FVC is usually just a 1 group kinda thing, much like your regional exept more teams

True, but at the (world) Championship, you can expect around 100 teams (if everyone shows). I’ll be surprised if that large of a group is organized into a single herd.

However, I don’t have any info that says it won’t be a single herd.

There will be 2 fields alternating, and yes, there will be about 100 teams. Matches will run every 5 minutes.

Contrary to my earlier hunch about splitting the herd and agreeing with Darlene’s statement (She is the Virginia AP), you can see at this FVC Q&A location that all the teams will be organized into a single start-to-finish competition ladder.