[FVC]: Y-cable

I really hate to ask, especially this late in the game, but does anyone going to the championship tournament in Georgia have a spare y-cable? We had two this morning, and after a day of tinkering with the robot we had one. I have no clue where it is >.>. Tomorrow, I’ll look around the room again and have my team do the same. Also, I’ll ask 3050 on the bus down to Atlanta, but if anyone has an extra that we could borrow, we’d really appreciate it. See you in a couple days.

Hello there,

S.P.A.M team 3228 does have 2 extra y-cables. We ourselves use 2 y-cables on our robot’s drivetrain too.

If you come find us in the pit on thursday we’d be more than welcome to lend you one.

By the way, what is your team number/name?

Thanks, a couple of teams have offered spares so I don’t no whether we’ll need one. I’ll stop by to say hi, but I don’t know if we’ll actually need one. Anyway, I’m with team 3047, the Tenacious Technicians (I don’t really like the name very much) from Detroit.