[FVG]: Check the Wiki

The infrastructure for the Wiki is much better. I’ve put up a lot of stuff, so please check it out and add to it. (There’s a lot of placeholders for my stuff, too. I’m falling behind!)

In particular, note the custom Specification namespace.

Check it out, and remember, It is a wiki.

i’ve added some stuff too, including a page for scheduling chats.

Very nice guys.
We need to schedule some chats to get things rolling again. When do you all propose we create one?

Hey… the wiki’s down. MySQL error, apparently. Same with others? :confused:

Yes. MySQL’s down everywhere (check my blog). I’ll get to venkatesh ASAP (it could be that he’s backing up, though I wrote him a script to do that w/o shutting down MySQL).

If anyone’s on IRC when it’s fixed, I’ll say so there.\

Ok, it’s back.