[FVG]: Controls Round 1

here are the current choices:

  • full keyboard control
  • full joystick control
  • joystick/keyboard control - joystick drives the robot and keys do actions
  • mouse/keyboard control - analog circle on screen, mouse is aimed inside to set robot direction and speed. keys do bot actions
    *]full mouse control - this is a bit tricky. basically the mouse is pointed on the field and the robot goes in the direction of that point. to do actions, like grab goals, the bar, or balls, place balls, etc., the player clicks on the item. (the item will flash when the robot is in range for the action.) to turn in place, the player clicks on the robot with the right or left mouse button depending on the desired direction of turn.

seems like everyone’s disagreeing with one another…hehe.
but i honestly think joystick and keyboard control is good. joysticks are a lot easier to work, and keyboards could be used to pick rounds or robots or whatever…shrug

some things we need to consider about joysticks:

  • not everybody has a joystick
  • joysticks are different
  • this would totally kill laptop play

i am strongly pushing for all-mouse control, i think that if we can get that to work it will be a unique gaming experience that everybody will want to have. FIRST is all about coming up with new ways to do things. there has never been a mouse-driven robot game before, but it would work great with this, let’s make it happen!! :smiley:

We could try it (I guess). :smiley:

But, yeah. Remember guys, not everyone has a joystick. Actually, I don’t have a joystick. :smiley: But, I could always get a cheap one.

I am in agreement with the list of people above. A joystick is great, and could add to the competetion “feel” of the game, but not many people have joysticks, and those who do have many varied ones. I don’t know of any simple, cross-platform input layer/toolkit that supports joysticks either.

A well-done keyboard+mouse combination suffices for nearly all games today. It offers a tremendous amount of control, because the possible combinations available to the user is very high (avg of 101 keys, add in combinations of keys, mouse gestures, mouse motion, mouse butttons), and you can do more than any joystick, unless the joystick has at least 100 buttons. =)

Good luck.

i think i am probably going to just take out the joystick options for round 2 of the poll (coming soon to a thread near you!). looks like keyboard and mouse are what we need here, whether they share the burden or one takes it all.

still, some alternative methods to what we have here would be good. even alternate ways of how we would use the mouse during gameplay.

yeah i never thought about all that…
makes me want to kind of change my answer to mouse/keyboard control.
:frowning: shoot. hehe.

that’s why we have multiple rounds :smiley:

Round 2


You can assign buttons and axis to the various inputs, or use a real OI/RC (still thinking about this).

using the real OI is not an option. maybe a deluze feature once the game is glitchless, but nothing to work on, or even discuss now. we want to use only the keyboard and/or mouse

from now on post in round 2 :slight_smile: