[FVG]: "Gracious Professionalism" Points

rich kressley brought up the idea of being able to help other teams in the pits. i developed the idea, and here is what i have so far:

robots can recieve damage during matches and require replacement parts. sometimes a player will be asked to donate a certain part rom their inventory to assist another team. now they can coserve the part or give it up. every time the player gives up a part they will recieve “Gracious Professionalism Points”. players can use these to buy hidden game modes and features, like new playable teams, and the fourth difficulty level.

I really like the idea, however, we should just put it on the “2.0” list and forget about it for now. In version 1.0, we should just go for basic functionality. If we design everything properly, using good OOP concepts, we should be able to easily build it in.

By 1.0 and 2.0, I just mean initial and later goals. Version 1.0.0 might have that peice, but version 0.4.6 might have the basic match play functionality that we are looking for.

Yeah i agree. I think for right now we need to focus on the bigger and more important details of the game. We can definitely get into fine-tuning and creativeness later…but first, we need the basic important things done.

so i guess what we’re saying here is, while team interactions may be fun, FIRST things first. sorry, i had to :rolleyes: