[FVG]: Human Players Final Poll

It’s time to finally end this issue.

go here for explanations.

I dont see why we can’t have both… I, personally, would hate to just be taking shots IN A VIDEO GAME, i had some fun at battlecry when i switched from coach to human player(not permanently), but i couldn’t see myself sitting down for the sole purpose of hitting a button so the slider is centered, or flicking the mouse, or however we will be shooting, its just not the same. I think it is well within the reach of the drivers to flick the mouse because it is a quick motion that will not take much time at all.

Another player, either human or AI should take control of the human player. We should try to make this game as close to the real thing as possible, meaning that the driver, like at most competitions, is only the driver and not a human player as well. Besides, I think that it would be a little tricky to try to drive and shoot at the same time. :cool:

I think that, at least for the first release, there should be an AI control over the Human Player. Then we can add in something like a slider or something later.

i think that most often AI will control the human players, but i think that we should include an option for humans to be the HPs. otherwise, the phrase “human player” will be kind of contradictory :smiley: or course, we should get the AI working first.

Very interesting… Very interesting indeed. Hey Dave, you reading this? :slight_smile:

Maybe not at the same time.

Maybe not at the same time, but switching jobs? or something else? I’ve gotta see this.

looks like it’s pretty much decided - separate players will be the HPs, with an option to have them as AI-constolled.

sorry, nastay. well, i guess we could have drivers be HPs in the Mac version lol :slight_smile:

I wasn’t really saying ONLY drivers, but i would find it ungodly boaring to just sit there and shoot in a video game, and yes, i do not own any basketball games :slight_smile:

My personal oppinion is to make it configurable. Here’s the thing:
*If we make the driver’s do it, they will be too busy.
*If we have sepperate persons for it, they will be bored.

i agree, but i also don’t think that leaving one of the only ways to score up to an AI that has a 50 50 chance is the greatest idea. When i shot at battlecry, for the first time, i missed about 2 to 3 balls each round, with the exception of the last round, were i missed like 5, and we lost by 1 ball…
Its hard but i think that the best way to do it would be to have to arm op, or the op that is not doing anything fire away a few quick shots with the mouse, but i do realize that there would be some points in time were both ops would be tied up in other stuff and that would be difficult. but leavingit up to the AI i think is also sketchy, but could be the only way… Maybe the AI should change dynamicaly with how well your bot is doing. That would be cool, but alot of proramming and what happens to the hanging only bots? they probably wouldn’t get many balls anyway…

It could be done. Or maybe we could just make the percentage in relatively high. Maybe 80%?

I’ve been thinking of having a starting ranking, and based on play throughout the season (or through the game for exhibition) the ranking would go up or down. Based on each real team’s HP abilities, we could have different starting values, i.e. 33 would start out really good.

i think that you could do that, but i also think that the chances of the ball going in should change with whats going on during the game, having a static probability duringthe game could show, and could be predictable… i think having it change dynamically would be best.

we could have a “handicap” option, where whichever team is behind gets an HP accuracy boost! :slight_smile:

I agree with this. Down on the floor the mood is different than when you’re in the stands. The atmosphere is alot more electric, and you’re fighting for all your worth to win the match. The events happening in the match, people screaming, yelling, cheering, its a major adrenaline rush. Maybe you could have an adrenaline meter and when your team is doing good it goes up, thus allowing you to perform/drive/shoot better.

they have adrenaline meters in some sports games, don’t they? that might work. or maybe we could have a “gracious professionalism meter” :smiley:

sorry to bring up an old thread, but i didnt see a newer one on this subject but i was thinking. When people select the robots (if its going to be a menu where it shows the robots abalitys, drive speed, manuverablity, etc.) it also has a bar that shows the team’s HP skill (if its either a precentage or a bar that shows it) and from there have a cross meter like the NBA LIVE games, which the HP has to try to get the ball on the up and down in the middle, then the side to side, then after that a power meter, and if the team is good (like 126, 33, 45, 177, etc really good small ball teams) the meter goes slower so the person can be more acurate, and for teams that dont do small balls and havent seen to be that good throughout the season, it goes faster and is harder to control…

=D (sorry for bumping an old thread)

HPs will be AI anyway, and i think a simple percentage will do. no problem about the old thread thing :slight_smile:

Currently, there is no setup for custom stats, but who knows? TB, can you add that to the wishlist?