[FVG]: Human Players Round 2

reflecting what we know we don’t want, and ideas that were presented, here is the new poll.

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I think that, for the first release at least, we should just have probability. Later on, once we have the basics down, we could perhaps put in something like the metronome.

For a probability thing, we could use 2 curves, one representing angle shooting angle offset (Are you pointing at the goal), and distance offset (Are you going far enough). The end result: There are more shots really close, but none on the other side of the field.

Good idea. I had originally been thinking just about whether or not it goes in, but now that you say that, I guess if it doesn’t, it does have to land somewhere, doesn’t it? :smiley:

well ihtink it depends on if it is a single or multiplayer game, i don’t see how one person can drive the robot, operate an arm and make shots. For single player i think that it would have to be probability. BUT we could have a mouse action, how hard you push the mouse forward determines the distance, and any shank given to the mouse results in some amount of shank in the shot… that could be incorporated into single player…

MultiPlayer would be different, and i don’t see it being played on one keyboard, so either person could make shots but probably the one who has less to do, like the arm op usually doesn’t always have to be using the arm. But i think that making a persons job in a video game only to make shots would get repetitive very fast.

I say incorporate both probability and the mouse thingy so that the user can have a choice.

i think another good solution would be to combine the set probability and separate player options. we can have it so the human players are separate players, but can be set as human or AI. the 2-axis system mentioned by Astronouth7303 should work good. we can have the AIs do random numbers, with ranges close to the goals, so balls have an overall 50-50 chance of going in by AI.

well i think if we are going to have an AI do it, we should have a way for the AI to gradually get better as the season goes on, if you are doing well your Human player gets better, if you aren’t doing so hot, your human player doesn’t get any better.

Good idea. We can just have some index that factors in as a bonus, maybe it would be a fract of wins/total matches or something like that.

I just thought of something. For a multi-player on a single system, there is a small box, the HP’s view point. the HP uses that to shoot.

The season improvement sounds good, but I think it would only apply in Seasons or comps.