[FVG]: Human Players

The popular decision seems to be that we are going to use FIRST Frenzy as the game. However, i have not seen any ideas on how we are going to handle the human play aspect. :ahh:

i see a few options:

-we have all balls that go into the player station automatically make it into the goal through human players.

-we have a probability set for how often the human players will get it in the goal

-we have some “videogamey” system for whether or not the human play makes the shot. examples:
-----“ball in” powerups that pop up on the field which the robot must touch for the ball to go in
-----a metronome meter, which sways back and forth over the central point, the player presses space to set the HP’s accuracy for the throw
-----the robot picks up “accuracy ups” on the field throughout the match which increase the accuracy of the human player (which starts out low)

personally i’m for “accuracy ups”, set probability, or “ball in” powerups, but it’s your choice

I assume that most of those are for AI HPs.

For a manual HP, why not just have a simple point-and-shoot system? Either target on field or a latitude/longitude system.

I’m pretty sure he means for all human players.

I say set probability, because the person at the computer is already trying to drive a robot… :slight_smile:

But, the “spacebar” idea might work too. It probably wouldn’t be that hard if we want to change it mid-development. :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize it was a muti-poll type thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

But we also have to think about the network play. assuming we made this MMP (Massively multi-player), there probably would be dedicated HPs.

Ok, so we have it in it’s own little function. All the function returns is a boolean value of either true or false, indicating wether the shot was made or not. Everything else can be competely unaware of what it does, so it can setup a connection with the server, just use a probablity, or, for inital versions, just always make it with a simple return true;… :slight_smile:

That’s one thing we haven’t discussed yet: The internals of the objects. (iGame and iRobot, specifically)

mayeb we could include ALL of these ideas and players would set their choice in the options…