[FVG]:Issues with forum

Sorry if anyone finds this rude, or offensive. but to me, I find the absurd amount of posts related to this videogame on the portal unnecessary, and I’m sure I cant be the only one. Today there’s like at least 8 threads for the video game and I know the majority of the site is not interested in the intimate workings of the game.

Brandon: is there any way that all the videogame people can “subscribe” to this forum, and the posts only appear on the portal for them, or they can just be taken off the portal all together?



Just go to “Recent Posts Config” in your user options page, and unclick the forum for the video game.

maybe we were the reason that brandon added recent posts config… :rolleyes:

anyway, i do agree that it may be a little bit overwhelming for people uninterested in this project to see it all over, however the recent post config. should solve this problem.

i did bring up something like this with brandon a while ago, but nothing ever really came of it… or maybe the recent post config is what came of it… i dunno, but it’ll work

Hey, if anybody is particularly pissed off about all this FVG stuff, you can take it out on me - I started it. Just give me a negative rep for this post if you need to get some FVG anger out. just put “fvg anger” as the comment. i wont bring it up or anything. no hard feelings.

Thanks a lot, never knew you could do that. :slight_smile:


It’s new as of yesterday … this wasn’t the complete reason the portal config came about, but it slightly contributed to it.

Is there a way you can change the default settings for new accounts (and for guest users not logged in)? Perhaps the default should NOT be “all on”…

I know this website has quite a few “lurkers” and perhaps they would be encouraged to come around more often if there wasn’t quite so much “clutter” overwhelming them with things they probably don’t care about.

I know that when I’ve asked certain individuals within FIRST (other mentors, people who post sparingly, etc) why they don’t get more involved in these forums, the standard answer is:
There’s too much crap on there, I can’t deal with it. It’s overwhelming.

Less crap = good. :wink:

Just a thought.


Hey, I asked for it to be all on! (It was just general forum for a few hours yesterday)

In reality, maybe a happy medium needs to be found. Perhaps all of the forums in FIRST, Technical, and Competition go in the portal, as well as announcements and Forum Help. A lot of the other forums require some type of knowledge that one would only gain from reading the forums (what is FVG and NEMO would be examples).

Anyway, we should stop cluttering this thread, and move the discussion back into the announcement: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29379

I’ll probably tone it down to a few of the major (general, technical, competition & their children) forums for those with no preference (or guests). I just have to sit down and do that. Maybe tonight … or Sunday night … or next week.

I’m hoping that when we get our own server (have we?) that we can run vB on it, or use a members-only wiki instead.

(of course, there is the $$$ issue. vB is either $85/year or $160 once, based on buying one at a time. MediaWiki is, of course, free.)

Aren’t we getting SourceForge?

I was working on that, but got interupted by camp. You want me to do it?


Sorry, I forgot you had camp. :o

Personally, I haven’t post much because since January until today I haven’t been able to post for some odd reason. :confused: Anyway, I definetly think that it works both ways, this is what I mean:

  1. Some people get discouraged to post anything or read any threads because there are some many of them. It can look real busy and overwhelming at times.
    But at the same time:
  2. Some people (such as myself :] ) don’t really mind looking at all the threads and just kinda browse trough. I think that there’s some information or just fun comments that can be found in all of them.

So coming up with a compromise is definetly the way to go. Those that don’t want to look at the “clutter”, don’t have to. And those that don’t mind … well they can keep it the way it has been. :yikes:

Giving POWER and CHOICE to the people … is the best route. :cool: