[FVG]: Mega Logo Concept

Some of you have noticed the first concept logo for the interlocking URC design as my new avitar, but below is something a lot closer to what it should finally look like if used.

what do you think of the logo?

Personally, I like the old “words over FIRST logo” logo. The new one could work, it just needs some work.

Maybe a bit more 3Dish and/or more contrast between the parts which overlap.

The overlapping text confused me when I looked at it. Don’t do that Mike. Lol keep the name on the top or bottom. I’d recommend putting FIRST on the top, and spelling out “Ultimate Robot Challenge” on the bottom. Just a small suggestion. Overall, I like it, just more 3D and contrast like Ryan said. =) Good job Mike!

several people complained about the overlapping parts, not just the ones who posted, so here is a second version of the logo with enhanced colors. what does everyone think of the change?

The colors were definately an improvement.
The overlapping text looks better when it’s brighter like that, but still a little busy, especially right at the “LTIMATE”.

The only definate thing I would change is to outline the characters and to make the ROBOT silver instead of black

versions 3 and 4, based on astro’s suggestions

the last one definitely looks good with the lines around everything, but it still seems a little cluttered, the logo in your avatar looks good. I would suggest taking out the text and putting it somewhere else. just my $.02

The R isn’t quite anti-aliased just right…it looks choppy and bumpy and icky.

And I’m not a tremendous fan of how the acronym FURC worked out, but that’s entirely tangential.

If it’s possible… try using a different font? Something that has a bigger… “circle” for the capital R. Something with rounder text… that might work out better for the linking. As it is right now, the part where U, R, and C interlink looks a little too scrunched up.

I like the outlined version, though. Good job :slight_smile:

I like the logo. (FURC Mega Logo 4.bmp)

The anti-aliasing is not perfect, and the font for the U, R, and C might need to be changed, but all-in all it’s good.

well, thank you all for your suggestions. this logo has good and bad in it, but seeing that will help us a lot with making the final one. although the interlocking letters were originally derived from 3dsmax, most of it is actually pixelart (i don’t have good art programs), and thus changing the font would be quite an undertaking. i have a few more questions though…

what is anti-aliasing?

  • if the logo were rearranged so that the spelling-out of the acronym did not overlap with any part of the logo, would the spelling then be a good idea?
  • what if the words were placed in a light text ON the letters? for example, the U would have Ultimate written on it in a different shade of red, like an engraving
    *]what color is best for the R? white, silver, or black?

Anti-aliasing smooths out the edges of graphics and fonts. Instead of having pixellated edges (as in your logo), the outside edge would be smoother (as in the font for “FIRST: Ultimate Robot Challenge” in your signature).

I like the silver for the R … white on dark backgrounds, silver on light.

For the rest, I think everything’s all right as it is. Other people disagree, but… eh, -shrugs-

If you have any time to do so, try enlarging the … hole, I guess … at the top of the R a little so the top is a bit bigger and the legs are a bit shorter. It looks all right like this, but I’d like to see what it’d look like if there was a little bit more room for the U and C in the top of the R.

here is version 5. i’ve extended the R as best i could, and included a .jpg version, which should look smoother

i overhauled the whole thing, and it’s more like a banner at this point, but i came up with the following:

'Cause the Dori said so.

That’s awesome. Maybe I can move it over to a PNG format and past it on the website, unless one of the 2D guys :wink: can do that.

the last one looks perfect, all the spacing is correct, and looks great, good job.

perhaps something different, here’s my take:

Now that is profssional.

this is some high-quality work. the surface texture idea is something that should definitely be in the final logo, and i love the metal “FIRST” :slight_smile:

here is a new banner i have made using the metal “FIRST” with my interlocking design. I’ve also “cracked” my part of the logo as a kind of texture

here is another idea of mine, done 100% in 3dsmax