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So, we can discuss the menu here. :slight_smile:

What’s the difference between a single competition and a single game?

A competion consists of many teams, and there are seedings and finals. Consists of many games.
A single game could be called a single match. You just play 1 round.
You could also have a mini-tournament. Basically, it’s a bunch of matches doing a simple set up (round-robin, around the world, #-loss tree, etc), not as big as a comp.

Ah, now I see… :slight_smile:

Intro -> Main Menu
		Single Game
			Local -> Game -> Teams -> AIs -> Field -> Controls -> Confirmation
				Host  -> Game         -> Team  -> AIs      -> Field -> Controls -> Waiting
				Join  -> Select Host  -> Team  -> Control  -> Waiting
		Single Competition
			Local -> Game -> Teams -> AIs -> Field -> Controls -> Confirmation
				Host  -> Game         -> Team  -> AIs      -> Field -> Controls -> Waiting
				Join  -> Select Host  -> Team  -> Control  -> Waiting
**			Start New     -> Game         -> Team
			Load Previous
??	Go to FVG.com
	Team Config
		Add Team
		Edit Team
**		Connection (as in internet)
		Menu Help
		About FVG
		About FIRST RC
		About {Engine}
**		Confirmation -> Credits

Here are a few changes I made. ** means I changed/added that line. ?? means, well, where does this go? :slight_smile:

FVG.com is the place-holder for the name of a game server we may set up at a later date. (Running open source software, of course.) It will take you to one of 2 places:

  • A list of pending matches/comps.
  • Your favorite web browser with the home page.

This won’t be around for a while.

just noticed this thread, i already posted abotu the menu here

What, exactly, is an exhibition?

I believe an exhibition is a single game match.

Like with other sports, say football games, there is a season and exhibition. Season you play through the entire season, exhibition is one game.

“exhibition” comes from the root word “exhibit”. exhibition is a display of something, and in the case of sports and other games, an exhibition is a single game or match which is meant to display the skills of the competitors, and does not count for anything else.

an exhibition round is comparable to a practice round, except it would not be part of a competition.

Kinda forgot to say that on that thread. :smiley:

That looks good. :cool:

I’m willing to go with that as the initial menus. If we come up with anything else mid-development, it shouldn’t be too hard to throw in, assuming we do it right. :slight_smile:

Version 0.1 of the Pause Menu… comment.

Works for me! :slight_smile:

Maybe the music could be under a general “Options” heading, along with the controls.

No nested menus, I think. Quick. Simple.
*View Robot Stats
*View Field
*Music On/Off
It should be disabled in multi-player.
(Maybe we can get some music from ESPN)

I have created a cheap visual menu that just shows how the tree of the system looks like when actually running through the menu. It’s based off of afflictionblade’s v0.3, and can be found here

Nice job. That makes the stucture of it very clear. :slight_smile:

very good HHSJosh :smiley:

now for the final version, i think each choice should bring the user to a different screen with a background picture from the actual 2004 season. i have some good ones if we crop out the date stamp :rolleyes:

Well done! (Minor comment: Play! > Online > Connect > Available Games > Join Game > Game Select shouldn’t exist)

I was thinking the same thing myself. How about it selects a random one each time it opens the main menu, and keeps it there until you go to a game/editor. (A changing background may be too distracting)

Get rid of the Game select or the online as a whole? I made it from affliction’s menu but I included the optional just to show what that would end up like as well.

I’m pretty sure the “Game Select” option is what shouldn’t be there… :slight_smile:

But, I’d have to think about it.

I went ahead and took the game select out.

well i have some pictures i can donate but they are 2 megapixels each :ahh: so i can’t post them as attachments. if you want the pictures email me at [email protected]. i have several good pics from the Chesapeake Bay Regional in Annapolis, and from the Newton division in Atlanta.