[FVG]: Music: Band Recognition

We need to decide what ways we are going to recognise the bands that let us use their music, besides just a spot in the credits

I have a few suggestions:

  • have an on/off toggle playlist, which would include the song names and bands
  • have a small info box in one corner of the screen telling the band and song title
  • have their names on the box (or cd, or something else not part of the game itself)
    *]show the playlist as one of the startup screens

you forgot the credits!

I say where ever the title appears.

i didn’t forget, i just held it as a definite :slight_smile:

Use a info box that appears for 10sec after the song starts, and maybe even 10sec before the song/round is over.

Yeah, this would work well. At least one EA Sports game does this, and it works out very well. :smiley:

Also, my “other” vote was for the credits… :rolleyes: I really am horrible with polls.