[FVG]: Name Round 2

This is the second elimination round for choosing a name for the FVG.
The first round (poll)

Here’s the last results (out of 50):

Legacy of Kamen: Goal Reaper  9
*THE FIRST PROJECT*             6
FIRST Robotics (date)         6
FIRST World Champion Robotics 5
FRC                           4
Virtual FIRST                 4
FIRST: The Ultimate Robot     3
FIRST Robot Challenge         3
BotMatch                      2
FRC Challenge                 2
FIRST Challenge               1
FIRST Chronicles              1
fantasy f                     1
f.r. legends                  1
first domination              1
F.I.R.S.T. Robotic Legacy     1

It looks like you only dropped all the ones that got 0 votes. Assuming you have the exact same voting audience, you would get the exact same voting audience. You should really drop everything that got a low number of votes. I would definetly drop the ones that got only 1 or 2 votes, and possibly 3 as well. That way, people whos first choice got dropped have to choose a new one, and the rankings have a chance to change. For Round 3, I think you should have no more then 3 names.

PS. my vote is Virtual FIRST.

I don’t know about that. You’ve got to factor in that people like to be in the majority, and so seeing the results may actually change their votes. I’d also re-arrange the names in the poll, as order may have an effect, too. Though I imagine strict scientific scrutiny isn’t really an aim of the poll …

i still like FIRST: Ultimate Robot Challenge best, but i guess since it is not a choice i will settle for it without the ultimate

I agree, I like FIRST: Ultimate Robot Challenge, but FIRST Robot Challenge will work, i guess.

I did. check the one from before.

maybe we can include FIRST: Ultimate Robot Challenge in the next round, i know at least 3 people who like it best

afterall, i already designed the logo for it… :rolleyes: