FIRST: Ultimate Robot Challenge now has it’s very own forum!!! Click the link in my signature to go there!!

I wonder if CD will get all sad and lonely… :’(

But, this will be nice. Great job.

Once I get a chance, I’ll export the threads here for you guys.

I can, also, if you want, turn this sub-forum into a direct link to your forum. Instead of clicking and seeing the forum here, the user will get redirected to your forum. Let me know if thats what you guys want.

That’s excellent!
I like that idea. Much easier than having everyone go to this thread and have to click the link through people’s signatures.
Thank you!

I’m going to have to edit my signature again! :rolleyes:

Exporting the threads would be simply awesome.

I suggest we don’t turn the sub-forum to a direct link just because we can post public updates here too. Maybe, if possible, make a huge visible link on the top of this forum. What do you guys think?

yeah!! a sticky!!! those things are awsome!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

TODO: Sticky: ReadMe

The forum appears to be having problems, apparently the MySQL server is down or something. :confused:

yes, this is the first time the forum has gone down, and i am hoping we will have back up soon. our team site is up, and i believe they are on the same server, so i am not exactly sure what the problem is. i have to contact our web team.

What exactly is wrong? I am able to browse thru it normally.

It works now, but before I would attempt to access the page and all I could get were PHP errors dealing with the MySQL connection.

Oh, that’s no fun, especially if you aren’t within 100 miles of the server.

OK, there is a problem with the server. We are currently experiencing some major problems, which will hopefully be fixed soon(no idea when). It is very rare that something like that would happen, but lets just hope for it to be up soon.

When’s it coming back up… cry

I’m so lonely. :wink:

Ok, now www.raiderrobotics.com can’t even be found… What’s up with that?

hmm… It’s www.raiderrobotix.org . The whole server is down. If I get any information of when everything will be up and running I will let you guys know about it. As for now I can only apologize for the inconvenience.

Yeah, I have the address right in my bookmarks. What’s different about it is it’s acting more like the domain name isn’t even registered. Whatever, doesn’t matter.

OK, I am working on restoring it, although I don’t how much I can. The main hard disk on the server crashed, and they don’t think its recoverable. Because I was extremely busy in the past few weeks, I don’t know if I did any recent backups. (Their backups got destroyed too). I’ll see where I can get with this thing :frowning:

I see that the site is back but the forums are empty are we starting from scratch?