[FVG]: OI or RC as control input

Several times I have proposed using the OI/RC as the control input. Here’s my write up on it.

There are 2 ways to do this: use the dashboard port or write a program for the RC.

[/li]Use the OI (with or w/o RC) as 4 game ports. you hook up the original controls & the dashboard and you’re all set!
[li]Lots of game ports.
[/li][li]original controls work
[li]May not work w/o RC
[/li][li]Not everyone has an OI
[/li][li]Not everyone has an RS-232 port

[/li]You load a program to the RC and hook up the prog port to your PC. You turn it on and it should work fine!
[/li][li]almost garenteed to work
[/li][li]Can be made to work with previous years
[li]May require the big batt (see below)
[/li][li]Not everyone has an OI/RC
[/li][li]Not everyone has an RS-232 port

There are a couple of things we could do for power of the RC/OI:[ul]
[li]Use the original equipment (safest, heaviest?)
[/li][li]Make an AC adaptor for the RC (most cords)
[/li][li]Make custom battery backs (need to replace batteries)
I guess that is more of an user problem, not our problem.

I’ve attached a version of the code for the RC. (79.5 KB)

FVG_RC.zip (79.5 KB)

FVG_RC.zip (79.5 KB)

we could include this as a deluxe feature, but we obviously need to have a keyboard/mouse configuration also.

In addition. I’m advocating complete config.

Ok, ok, we’ll do it for you… :smiley:

But, you get to be in charge of that… :stuck_out_tongue: