[FVG]: Produced Materials

I’m makign this thread as a place to store and display any and all materials that people have made for this project. whether it be sprites or sound bites (hey, that rhymed!) post it here. of course, if it is something huge, you might want to post it on a webpage and then put a link here so you don’t clog up your attachment space.

i’ve made a concept logo, which i have already posted here.

this isn’t really “produced”, but i was able to get a hold of the 2004 field sound effects. thanks piotrm :smiley:

dez250 brought to my attantion that, although it should be alrigth with the sounds, some of the materials we may obtain from FIRST in the future of this project SHOULD NOT be posted for the general public, and should be contained within the group of develpoers. thanks dex250 :smiley:

mad props ma friend. mad props


Cool. (Buzzer’s a little soft, I think. Easy fix.)

Is Charge2 used at both the begging of the match and at the end of auton?

i’m not exactly sure, i guess the easiest way to find out would be to reference some videos from the season. but if we cant tell the difference, i guess it wouldnt destroy the game lol

Yes for the main part that is the sound that starts the auton and manal control periods of the match…

If this project is going to be open source, that is pointless. I cannot conceive of a way you could hide media content in a game that is open source. Even in a closed source game, hiding media content would require encoding it in some non-standard manner.

you need to remember, we still don’t have the go-ahead from FIRST to do this. i emailed them, and am awaiting a response

I don’t think that they will mind, but one should ask.

you need to remember, we still don’t have the go-ahead from FIRST to do this.

Let me step in a bit, here. You certainly don’t need the “go-ahead from FIRST” to create a robotics oriented video game. You don’t even need their approval to orient it around FIRST Robotics. Of course, using their logos and copyrighted material is a different matter. But put yourselves in their positions, and try to imagine what their possible response would be.

And rather than store things here, it sounds like you should get your own webspace. Someone suggested sourceforge, and that seems like a good chioce. That’s the best way to organize it all and handle version control, IMO (well, at least lightyears better than sorting it all out here).

Version control is good, but I don’t know about actual discusion of ideas. Unless there’s developer stuff I don’t know about, the message boards there aren’t the greatest… :slight_smile:

i’ve attached version 0.1 of the game’s main menu. tell me what i should add/remove/change

Make a members only wiki. and almost every page is a discussion page

Ok, I’m a rebel. I’ve changed stuff already… :wink:

Nothing major. I did the following things:

  • Moved Exhibition and Season under a “Play!” (with an exclamation point…) menu. I did this for the next item…
  • Added the ‘optional’ online play option under “Play!”. We will eventually have this, so it might as well be in there now. The idea of what is happening there is:
  1. We go off and check some server which keeps track of all the games which are currently being played. It may/may not actually be controlling these games, but it would at least know they exist. But that’s something to discuss later… :slight_smile:

  2. We give the user a list of all the games which are currently available to play (I.E. They have a players, but not all 4.). This list might include what year the game is, what teams/robots are currently signed on to that game, etc.

  3. The user can scroll up and down the list and either select a game to join, or they can choose to create their own online game and wait for players to join it.

  4. What happens if they join a game is obvious from the box there…

  5. If they choose to create a game, they select what game they want to play, then we basically just automatically make them join the game.

  6. Note that the arena is selected individually for online play. The arena is just the scenery, so it doesn’t really matter if everyone is the same. So, they can pick whatever they like… :slight_smile:

Hope that made any sense at all. :ahh:

Oh, yeah. I also added “year” selections to the game setups… :slight_smile:

Here’s my edit. Bold is new, italic is changed, gray is optional/not this version, and underline is level 1 or 2.

*Intro* **-> Main Menu**
  **Single Game
   Local -> Game        -> Teams -> AIs     -> Field -> Controls -> Confirmation
    Host -> Game        -> Team  -> AIs     -> Field -> Controls -> Waiting
    Join -> Select Host -> Team  -> Control -> Waiting**
  *Single Competition*
   **Local -> Game        -> Teams -> AIs     -> Field -> Controls -> Confirmation
    Host -> Game        -> Team  -> AIs     -> Field -> Controls -> Waiting
    Join -> Select Host -> Team  -> Control -> Waiting**
  **Load Previous**
  Go to FVG.com
 Team Config
  Add Team
  Edit Team
  **Menu Help**
  **About FVG**
  *About FIRST RC*
  **About {Engine}**
  Credits -> Confirmation

Indents are for nested menus, the -> arrows are ‘wizards’, sequential setup.

Here’s the plain-text version of above.

Menu.txt (736 Bytes)

Menu.txt (736 Bytes)

here is version 0.3 of the main menu - it includes new ideas from me, Texan, and Astronouth7303 all meshed together.

maybe we could use my smiley somewhere in the game lol

Yeah, sure… :rolleyes: :smiley:

Until we get the Sourceforge site up, I’m willing to host anything that CD won’t upload for you. (I.E. It’s too big…) PM me if you have a need. :slight_smile:

actually, if you are referring to my old thread about trying to get a proper image link for my smiley, i figured it out. actually, i had just deleted the smiley from my attachments when i realized that i could link to attached images through the attachments area of my user cp. that last post was really just so i could reattach the smiley and then link to it. it had previously been hosted on dez250’s website, but i wanted to stop wasting his space :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, i have posted a preliminary pause menu here

Looks nice.

Right now I’m looking at updating your logo to be more 3D-ish.