[FVG]: Proposed Music

This is related to the Music Thread, but only for links and attachments of music suggested for the game. there were two in the other thread, here they are:

“Talking to Death” by Bamboo Shoots](http://bambooshoots.com/multimedia/talking.m3u)

Title Screen Music by Vince Moore

i like the second one better, but if you could get the first one with out anywords that one will be better…

The second one is awesome, but we need more, but… RealPlayer tells me that “The link is outdated.” Suggestions?

Use Winamp.
hit ‘save as…’
Which one? :wink:

I made a 43 second long version of the Title Screen music. If anyone wants to hear it, IM me. I dont have webspace to put it anywhere right now.

Thats something I was wondering about. How are we going to keep each other up to date with the files we make? We should get a database somewhere so people can upload files for everyone on the project to access.

I’m not sure about licensing and everything, but here are some suggestions:

Celldweller - I Believe You
Celldweller - Symbiont
Electric Six - Dance Commander
Cake - Stickshifts and Safetybelts

I assume you’re going for the same feel at competitions. Alot of the music could come from the IRI playlist.

I uploaded this one for you guys to listen to. Go here to listen.
Personally, I really like it and hope we use it.
Vince you did an excellent job! ^___^;

i emailed Bamboo Shoots about getting an instrumental version of Talking to Death to use in the game. we will see what happens

I’m planning on trying to contact some bands about music permissons.

What bands would you guys like to hear in the game?
What Genre of music should it be?
Do we want to try a little of everything?

i wouldn’t be surprised if this sprouted a poll:wink:

A) It really doesn’t matter, as long as the music seems to sound well with the game.
B) Read above.
C) I think a little bit of everything would be great. Variety = Good.
And thank you so much for the help! ^__^;

The “title screen music track” sounds like its building to something that never arrives, the intro to an as of yet non-existant song. I keep expecting some magical bassline to drop in…

Rant Mode On!

Choosing music before you even have a working beta! Tisk Tisk! (Makes finger of shame motion)

Choosing intro music, getting models, etc. is all stuff you do to have fun after you’ve slaved through the arduos process of writing the game! Save some of the decisions about fun details to the end, or you won’t have the motivation…

Rant Mode Off!

Thats all…

I agree with you. However, there are people who aren’t doing anything other than music, so they might as well look into permission. Basically, might as well do things simultaneously when doing them serially doesn’t really do much.

ryan is right. many people, including me, have nothing to do with the actual coding or graphics of this game. if you look at the roster, i lead design, documentation, testing, and actually, music. i’ve been doing a ton of stuff, and i know that if this were a professional project, it would be considered doign too much too soon. however, this is an amteur project, we are not on a schedule, and i’m not getting paid. any step is good, as logn as it’s in the right direction. we are not exhausting funds or anything like that, but simply putting in extra hours. it cant hurt, and will benifit eventually.

also, getting music from real bands has proved much harder than expected. so many bands don’t have contact information on their websites. only about 5% do based on my experiences. if we are goign to get a full playlist, all this early work is necessary.

The String Quartet Tribute to Audioslave
The String Quarter Tribute to Queens of the Stone Age

Both are good instumentals


wouldnt we then need to contact the bands AND the ramakers?

robohottie71, a fellow CD user, has expressed a huge interest in having his song “shiny dirt” in the game. it was played at the midwest regional in 2002 several times, and all bias aside, it’s a pretty awesome techno song.

Indeed I do want to include “Shiny Dirt v 1.0” in the FIRST video game. There may be a small problem with it since it contains a sample of the Pac-Man theme though. If necessary, I will redo that section of the song.

If you like it, perhaps I will be inclined to make more music for the game!

As soon as I figure out what is going on with my MSOE webspace and why I can’t upload anything at the moment, I’ll post it there and provide the link here.


Okay, the wait is over.

Shiny Dirt (FURC Mix)

This is the specially redone version of Shiny Dirt…gone is the Pac-Man theme, as well as the intro (gotta get the blood flowing as soon as the match starts, not 15 seconds into it, although, with autonomous mode…oh well).

I thought about replacing the pac-man theme with the match start sound effect, but I couldn’t get a hold of it tonight. If someone can get me that sound clip, I can put it in there, see how it sounds, and if it works, I’ll repost the song.

Modifying this song got me going again and I’m well into a new song, though I’m not sure if it’s FIRST quality - we’ll see what you all think when its done.

Also, if someone has all the FIRST sound effects…the start sound, the buzzer, the end of autonomous, the ball drop (bowling pins)…maybe Dave or Woodie counting down the start of a match…I want to do some sort of FIRST megamix. Let me know if you can help me out with that!



P.S. Feedback is welcome on Shiny Dirt!

Sweet! Definatley game music! It makes me wanna go play ‘Robot Rumble’.