[FVG]: Roster

Wait… Isn’t Josh leading the web?

Either of you guys can, too.

I’m working on getting us an account with the CircuitRunners.

Oh, I was working on SourceForge!

That works.

Since I’m on the web team, I might as well share this: I recently acquired a 2GB account, so if you guys need any bandwidth or storage, I can help.

Time to bring order to all this… :rolleyes:

Documentation- I’ll head this. Documentation is communication, and thats my team role. :wink:

2D Art- I don’t really think I would be the most qualified for this, I bet we have some real paintshop masters out there. Please come forward!

Website- Astronouth7303 and HHSJosh will be co-leaders and we will use Sourseforge

Testing- Since nobody has volunteered to head testing, I guess I’ll take this too. I’m a seasoned gamer, and i have 13 published videogame reviews, 12 of which in a county paper. If anybody here is fit to professionally judge and critique a videogame it’s me. :smiley: (sorry for bragging :o )

Public Relations- TeknoBrahma will lead this, i know him pretty well and he is perfect for this. but i don’t think he should take on all the roles above like he wants to :stuck_out_tongue:

I took those roles just because nobody really stepped up, and if needed I can definately lead those with no trouble :). I have some deep experiences with large scale projects

I’d be willing to work some on the website if I’m assigned some task. I’m the Dreamweaver master… :smiley:

So, if you have info you want filled in or something, I’d be willing to work on that.

Contact HHSJosh or Astronouth in that respect… They are leading the website

i’ll put you down under web crew, it will show up in the next roster update

I’m liking your sig, I’m a celebrity!

Dreamweaver? Straight Notepad, come on. Yeah, of course you can help out with the website. There can never be enough help, unless there’s too much help.

I can help out too then, but put me down under editing and correcting stuff, because thats where my expertise lie. Thanks for making us a celebrity Mike.

I can assist with web, but I had only volunteered under the assumption that no one else had! I’m going to be busy enough as it is.

Alright, i currently have HHSJosh down as leading web, should he lead it or should Texan? this all depends on what we are going to use for the website. they could co-lead

I’d say him. I think I’ll have enough with programming. :slight_smile: The largest part of the site is the design. As long as he is willing to take charge of that, I can help with other parts.

the thing is, u r co-leading programming, but he is leading 3D. you both have a lot to do. the decision should really be just on who is more capable.

newest update:

newest roster update, with new styling and links:

latest edition of the roster:

Hey Mike, Neil here, I am willing with pretty much anything. I mean I can do a lot of small things or basically whatever you need me to do. Let me know.

Here’s my copy of the roster. (independently maintained) It includes way more info. If anything is wrong/missing, please tell me.

(35 KB, Zip of Access database)

Volunteers.zip (34.8 KB)

Volunteers.zip (34.8 KB)