[FVG]: Source Code

(First of all, I’m a newcomer to FVG…)

Since this is an open source project (right?), is there a place I could download all of the source code? I looked at the Source Forge project site and couldn’t find any CVS modules for FVG and I couldn’t find any file releases either.

Is this because there isn’t any source code yet, or is it b/c you don’t want to release it? It would be really helpful if I could get a tar-ball (or similar collection) of source code.

Under the GNU GPL, I can ask for source code, right?


You can ask, but they don’t have to give it to you unless they provided you with a binary.

we don’t currently have any source code for the FVG. pretty much all we have is models at this point. we are still in the preliminary testing stage. we have people brushing up on their C++ and meanwhile i think somebody was going to try to make a prototype voodoo mechanism in windows because they already know the basic idea of how. that way we can work out the details of how we want it to work.

we’ve hit some speedbumps lately, so not much has been happening. some of our head guys had vacations or were busy, we lost our private forum in a server crash, but we have made progress too. our wiki is running on better software now so that will really help with our communications

This project is in it’s beginning stages, so we don’t have much yet. You can find the source code for the Crystal Space engine, however, here.

I’m officially less busy than I was, but school starts on Thursday. I’ll finish my learning of CS over lunch periods in the library. :wink:

Yeah… CS. Hard to learn. :smiley:

It would be, err, difficult to find source. We have not written much yet, and focusing on planning. Please check out our main site for a directory of our sites.