[FVG]: SourceForge Discussion Now!


umm… eveyone just left on me. :frowning: And the SourceForge project registration isn’t done yet!

You can also join us (me) at the AIM chat: FVG

i think this chatroom is great. i will try to stay in the chatspike chatroom whenever i am on. :smiley:

both chatrooms are great, i agree with Mike.
I’ll be in there as much as possible.
happy chatting with y’all! ^__^;

So anyway, 2 reasons why I want/need help:

  1. I can’t write.
  2. I’ve never done this before.

So anyone who can do either, please join us!

(an e-mail helps. We can’t send docs on chats)

[edit]I’m going to be on until it’s done; I can’t save in the middle.[/edit]

(for those of you w/o an IRC client, a Java one is available at http://chatspike.net/?page=javairc&mpid=12)