[FVG]: SourceForge Registration

Here is the stuff sent to SourceForge


Bad news. It’s been filed under “Rejected”. See the attachment.

display_rejection_email.txt (3.5 KB)

display_rejection_email.txt (3.5 KB)

it’s not officially rejected yet. it has only been rejected for immediate starting. it says they wish to further review the project before making an official decision. there is still hope. if it does get rejected, perhaps we can improve our descriptions. many new details will be available by then that will make our project more presentable

I submitted a suport request (as it said), and that said something similar. Hopefully, this can be fixed.

it said to submit one AFTER 48 HOURS

that was sent on the 7th. I’d say that was 48

we need to get more organized before we re-send our request. go here to help out.

You wouldn’t be able to use the Unreal engine in an open-source project. This is the mostly likely reason for rejection.

Looks cool though if you can get it working. Good luck!

this is a good point. i’ve stressed several times that the decision has already been made that we are using Crystal Space and not Unreal, but people still think it’s an option.

from now on, before any of us make contact to an outside organization, we need to discuss what we say with some of the leaders. this MUST include the leader of the job area to which the contact relates, and must include at least two of the following: Me (afflictionblade), Texan, Astronouth7303, and TeknoBramha. the rule applies to the four of us as well, in which case we must discuss it with two OTHER members of that list. sorry this has to be this way, but i need to make sure that we have efficient and accurate communications within this project, and sending incorrect information to a company represents a failure by, not the person who submitted it, but a failure by the group for inneffective communications, and especially a failure by me, being the head of communication for the project. i’m sorry about this. i’ll make sure from now on that all decisions are more well-known when they are made.


YES! we got accepted!
dances Excellent job, Jamie! kudos to teh Jamie
^__^; thanks ya!

Woot!!! (and I usually don’t go in for that…) Yeah. Get a website up! Come on! :smiley:

Good job Astronouth. What did they want us to say? :slight_smile:

Nothing, yet. I’m still trying to figure out how to upload a basic home page!

Well, got the homepage loaded.

Instead of PMing everyone, I’m going to put out a general announcement to anyone who’s volunteered:
REGISTER ON SOURCEFORGE AND TELL ME WHEN YOU DO. I’ll give you write access to the stuff you need.

My user name on SourceForge: texancd (The CD is for, you guessed it, here! :D) (And yes, I already have a profile there.)

My display name if Ryan M. (If anyone happens to see me…)

I’ve signed on SF.net: neo3dgfx

This is going to be solely windows based right?

Do any of you have any experience with this kind of thing? Anyone know anything about Crystal Space? I’ve done a lot of programming, and this looks out of my leauge. I wish you the best of luck.

My only advice is to stop thinking about FIRST models. That is the LAST step. The best way to write a program, whose type you have no experience with, is to write progressively more complex test programs. First thing I’d do is write a program that lets you move a box around. Make it really workable. The move up to a box with an arm. Then make the arm whack things around. Tune the physics. After you’ve got the physics down…

You get the idea…

I signed up…my name’s d0rkette4furc :smiley:
My display name is: dori

I signed up, my name is HHSJosh. I’ll get working on the site real soon.

my insanely creative username is mikeciance

we ared doing that with CS, but any step is a good one as long as its in the right direction. everybody is just trying to do what they can, and if it is a little out of order as far as priority, at least we will have it ready for later.