[FVG]: Sponsorship

I didn’t think we would really need this, but there is all this talk of using costly software instead of the free stuff, and i think sponsorship would be a great thing to have. we should try and get the software companies that we buy from to sponsor us, maybe even get the software free. beyond that, maybe FIRST will assist us. for those of you who want to do PR, maybe you could figure out some ways that we could get other sponsorship. of course, talk to the programmers to see whats going on when they decide. until then, let’s just post fund ideas here

First off, we’d need nationwide sponsors. Since we’re all over the US, we’d need companies that are, well, nationwide. That’s just a thought…

dori, i think your the first person besides me who has chosen communications for their team role. we r part of an exclusive club :cool:

just another thought… i don’t know if this would work, but maybe we could get sponsorship from game companies in exchange for a license to port our game. i don’t know if any companies would do that, but it’s worth a shot. Nintendo might do something like that, if we could get in contac t with the japan HQ… but they do have Nintendo of America as well. actually, i just ran into the Nintendo Street Crew on thursday. i was talkin to the guy, telling him that me and about 20 other people were making a computer game based on a robotics competition. he was pretty impressed. he gave me free nintendo wristbands too :smiley: . i don’t know how nintendo would be to publishing our game, i’ve suggested games and they say “i’m sorry, but we do not accept game suggestions”, but maybe they’ll just sponsor us a bit to be nice.

maybe the company who makes vBulletin will sponsor us if we put them in the credits, since our planning was done through their program

any more random ideas? :slight_smile:

I like the vB idea for when we get a website.

Basically, anyone who sponsors us gets a spot in the credits. The really big ones (eg Epic) get a screen in the intro.

We should see if we can possible arrange for the whole development team to get one picture together, perhaps, maybe at nats (I think my team will be attending) We might be able to put that in the opening credits, or even in the closing, or something.

on that note, it would be nice, thought probably impossible, to have the entire development team together for a picture

More likely is to send one of the 2D guys pictures of all of us and have him/her photoshop them together. (Nats is not in my plans at this time)

We could do that. Even if we don’t use if for sponsorship, we can always have a photo on the site, etc.

And I’d like to see the people I’m working with. :smiley:

well, we could always just have separate pictures for whoever’s working on what, and if there’s more than one person working on one thing, we can photoshop them. :smiley:

Or we could just have an individual pic of each of us by our parts in the ending credits. I don’t know, but i think we should get some recognition in the game more than a little spot of text in the credits. :smiley:

maybe we could have the roster table put into the game. we could have it so when the mouse goes over a particular person’s name, the rows below drop down to reveal their picture.