FVG Team Sign-Up

I started asking for 3D robot models in this thread, but i realized that with the amount of effort needed for that, few would respond immediately, and the thread would be forgotten.

instead, i am making things easier. any teams who wish to state their desire to be in the FIRST video game, just post here. you don’t have to have any materials ready, just as long as you will get them to us eventually.

This game will probably take until next summer to finish, so getting your model for us this fall would be no problem. I’ll make up a team roster to show what teams are involved and their status.

just a reminder, if you have robot stats handy, those would help us also.

Again, sorry for having to post this in the general forum, i’ll try and make this the last time. :o

I can see if one of guys on our team would like to model it. Possiblity anyway… :smiley:

Oh, yeah, in case you’re lazy: Team 1317!

One of our people made our entire robot in Inventor. Does that help?

Yeah, we have our entire robot in Inventor. If you guys could use that, I’m sure our mentors will let us send them to you

I think someone said they had an Inventor to 3DS converter, so yeah, that will work! :smiley: