[FVG] Too late to join?

I’d like to help you guys out, this seems like a really cool project, but I don’t know if you still need any more guys, I’m moderately proficient in C and C++, mostly geared towards robot programming, I’m also good with Perl, if I can hope let me know.

You can PM me, or email me at codemonkey456 AT yahoo DOT com


mattkrass AT gmail DOT com

Or just…post here? :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, you can join. Technically, I’m one of the lead programmers, so I can say that.

Unfortunatly, I haven’t done anything for weeks. I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s fairly dead.

I’d recommened going to our wiki to get info.

I’m goingto get started on this again. School has started to cool down. :slight_smile:

since school started, the activity level has dropped dramatically. people just dont have too much spare time. i’ve actually been learning 3d on an old copy of max, so i will probably contribute some 3d work in the future.

the wiki has been one of the few active parts of the project. we have been making some improvements to that, and LBK Rules is working on controls, though i dont know how much time he has had.

this will all pick up again over winter break, and i think a lot will happen then, of course during the build season nothing will happen, and not much will happen during the competition season either. i think the problem is that the people who know the programming are generally the ones who work the hardest and are thus unavailable most of the time.


And don’t we know the school thing. Since school started, I hadn’t looked on CD nearly at all. (and I hadn’t looked in a couple weeks before that).

And, truthfully, I don’t think I’m happy to be back. (the reps were a very nice greeting)