[FVG]: Website

I’m working on designing and creating the website for the project.

I’d like to have everyone’s input on what content should be put on there.

it should have a full description of what the game is about, some pictures, and links to all related sites

Try to include descriptions or sections for each aspect of the game. and ofcourse mention names and the history of how this started off etc…

I think it should also have, aside from Mike’s input, have the following:

  1. if you can, a place for people working on the FVG to register a username, and have their information on a roster that can only be seen by registered members.
    *the information would be just their contact info, like email and AIM/MSN screennames or whatnot.
  2. the heads of the FVG production, just in case anyone needs to contact them about anything involving the FVG.
  3. a small place to put any new updates. people who have registered can only update it. just to keep it secure so no psychos can get into it :wink:
    Just a thought

Allright, I think I can do that.

Thanks everyone for all of your input, I’ll get working on it right away.

Do you guys need a better server than the one that is currently hosting your site? I have a great one with almost 20 GB, that I could host the site on.

Also, could you update us on the status of the site, so we could offer input?

Things that are a must have on this site, IMHO ofcourse…

1.) News page
2.) Sidebar with latest version info
3.) Screenshots (a historical reference, such as the first version, etc)
4.) Support Page
5.) Bug Report Submission Form
6.) Patches Page
7.) Product Specs page

CD Random spotlight. That’s the only thing not mentioned yet.

one word: vBulletin :wink:

One (uh, 5) word(s): I don’t have any money…

CD spotlight seems to find it’s way onto all of my sites also. :smiley:

And, I like the list JoesephM’s list of stuff. Obviously the screen shots have to wait a bit, but put a page in there.

Also, just out of curiousity, what are you using to make the pages?

0 words: $$$$$$$$$. But it is on my wish list.

As for what, I used frontpage and notepad (Frontpage for the syntax, notepad to actually save it) But it ain’t much.

Maybe we can get team 47 to sponsor us! :wink: