[FVG]: What competitions are you going to?

A lot of the people in this project have never met in person before, but have talked numerous times online or through the boards. This season’s events will be a good way for some of us to finally meet. So, what competitions are you going to?

I will be going to the:

New Jersey Regional

  • Palmetto Regional

Nice thread idea, Mike, as always. =D
I’m heading to the:

  1. Chesapeak Regional
  2. Championship
    Hope to see many people at either of these places!! =)

I will be at…

  1. Florida Regional.

  2. Midwest Regional.

  3. Nationals.

  4. Palmetto Regional (not final yet).

p.s. - Fear the Duct tape… :smiley:

I will be going to…
1.) Purdue Regional
2.) Midwest Regional
3.) The Championships aka Nationals

I believe we will be going to

  • Buckeye
  • West Michigan (Grand Valley, Allendale, MI)

The X-Cats will be at the
Finger Lakes Regional
Championship Event

Depending on the weather, whether or not I have anything come up and whether or not I have my wife’s permission I would like to attend the Saturday (still have to work y’know) of the following events.

Pittsbugh Regonal
New Jersey Regional
Buckeye Regional
Greater Toronto Regional

We wil be attending the following events

  1. Canadian Regional (missisauga)
  2. Waterloo Regional
  3. Championsships (if things work out)

FL Regional

If time allows it:
Peachtree Regional
Palmetto Regional

I guess I should be at the VCU kick-off, and also should be going to the VCU regional.

Las Vegas, hopefully Championship (I may try to make it out there even if my team doesn’t go)

Sorry that I’ve been MIA lately, but I’ve been really busy. I’ve gone ahead and started remodeling the FURC logo to correspond with the new FIRST Logo, should have it done soon.

Team 222 is going to:

  1. Chesapeak
  2. Philly
  3. NATS!!!

It’s gonna be fun! Hooah

Digital Fusion will be at:

*]Buckeye *] Maybe a second regional (Probably Pittsburg if we do.) *]Nationals (I think…)

'Vegas, Baby! :cool:
and Phoenix
and Nats if we qualify

  • Granite State Regional (Manchester, NH)
  • Championship

1511 is going to:

  1. Finger Lakes Regional (Rochester, NY)
  2. Buckeye Regional (Cleveland, OH)
  3. Toronto Regional (Toronto Canada)

& Hopefully we make it to Championships!

I am also looking at attending the end of the UTC regional.

Team 639 will be attending

  • Finger Lakes Regional

If we get the money, we’ll try to register for the Canadian Regional.

Actually, after a little thought, I might not be going to the remote kick-off, since I need to record it at home.

although i wish i could say the same about nationals, we’ll see. mayhaps if 45 (and 930) would like to assist us in conquering the midwest regional again :wink:

we will be going to

  1. Las Vegas (OUR HOME TOWN!!)
  2. Phoenix
  3. Nats- if we quailfy…

Either way, it looks like this year will rock!

New Hampshire the BAE Regional
Chesapeake Regional
Nats (maybe)