FYI: New Docs posted

New documents have been posted to Documents and Updates at


“Section 11 - Robot Transportation” added
“Section 12 - Scholarships” added
Drawing “2004 Low Cost Field - Layout 1 (Pull Up Bar Reinforced)” added

“2004 FIRST Pneumatics Manual Rev A” posted [This does not contain any new information, but replaces a drawing on Pg 13 that was making the file huge and unprintable for some]

Bit of an idea to improve CD…

How about we rename the “FIRST E-Mail Blast” forum to something along the lines of “Official FIRST Updates” and include posts like this in there as well? Having all of the e-mails and updates FIRST makes in one place would make it easier to read through them.

Probally the best thing to do is have a PHP script that caches the documentation page and then check it every hour and compare it to the old one for updates and post a message on CD. This would probally be a good idea for Brandon the CD webmaster.