FYI pyramid chain lengths different between actual and team dwgs.

The pyramid chain lengths are different depending on looking at the actual field drawings or the team drawings.

They are 17" long on the actual field drawings.
They are 20" long on the ‘team’ drawings.

I’ll be posting it to the Q&A as soon as they approve me and hopefully that will be in a future update. I want this out there before people go to order material. and start using it as a target to practice against.

Also our team is looking to build half of the real pyramid. What were they thinking on the fab of it? It looks to be way overly complicated for what it needs to be. It looks like they were trying to minimize the tear down size, but this is obscene.

Good luck everybody!

Given that the post is 20" high on both drawings, 17" is probably the correct chain length.

On both drawings, I could not find the diameter or radius of the Chaing Hanger (round disc the chains are attached to). The platform is roughly 24 inches wide, which is roughly 11 inches from the pole. With each disc being 10.625 inches, I guess a Disc has to hit the chain in order to land fully in the platform.

The issue is scoring. Per, a disc cannot be touching a Robot. If a disc is hanging over the edge, it could lean against a Robot that has climbed to the top.

We’re going to pick up the 20" length and can cut it short if we need to.

For the real prints drawing GE-13036 the dim is outside the circle, top left quarter of the circle at 10" dia.

For the team prints dwg TE-13001-11 its in the bottom right quarter outside of the circle also 10" dia.

I’m disappointed in the difference of the team drawings and field drawings for this important field piece.
1.5" OD bars on the real drawings, and 1.9" OD bars on the team drawings.

With my local suppliers, our cost for just the tower material is over $1000 for the real tower. About $800 for half with a complete top. Our team has a really tight budget, and for our team plans, an accurate tower is needed.

I need to contact a different supplier Monday on using an alternative tube than DOM (CRW, WHR, WCR, ERW) to see If we save some money.

Should have added this as well. The other question, what if the top goal if filled? It doesn’t appear that the Frisbee will just drop out after they score. are these Frisbees out of play?

Yes, a disc is effectively removed from play once it is scored.

I see it now. I thought they were pointing to the hole. Very sneaky.

what if the top goal if filled? It doesn’t appear that the Frisbee will just drop out after they score. are these Frisbees out of play?

Any DISC is out of play once it scores. They stay in the goal and are not inbounded. That’s why each Alliance gets 45 white DISCs to feed.

The team drawings call for 1.25 pipe, which is 1.66 OD for that type of pipe. (See TE-13001 Sheet 4 of 18)

Part of the confusion is that different types of pipe specify nominal ID vs nominal OD, and they never exactly match. It’s like 2x4 wood not actually being 2" by 4"