FYI: Team Update #10 Posted *Please Read*

Team Update contains some very important information regarding the Robot Ship Date.

Please help distrubute the word to teams…

i’m beginning to wonder if the ship date should just be two days later every year…oh well…we’re all grateful

Gah, this is going to screw some teams up I think.

At least it’s more notice than last year with the snow storm.

What I found interesting is that it sounded like FIRST wanted to make it longer than just two days, but could not for fear of screwing up the first week of regionals with missing robots…

You guys might not believe this, but I was trying to play a joke with my co-mentors and told them that an update came out saying that the ship date was moved to 2/27 - I was only off by 1 day.

But they freaked out that I predicted it a few hours before the update came out.

But this update is very very good for all teams if they are done or not, that just gives the teams that are done some extra test and evaluation,but for the teams that aren’t done, you got lucky.

the kid in the red hat

Not entirely true.

My team may not be able to work any extra days, even if we need them, because the building may not have custodians paid to be working then. I’m hoping that since it’s during a regular week and that it’s during regular hours, it won’t be a problem for us to be there, but I have to talk to our advisor tonight.

If this is the case for some teams, it’s rather unfair to them, but you can’t make everything equal.

I think this is a Good Thing. We didn’t get the 40 Amp fuse holder (ooh shiny!) until yesterday (it was missing), so we couldn’t do any testing of our drive train at full power. Yeah, and it does seem that FIRST wanted to give us more time - oh well, a higher fun rate (increase in fun per unit time).