G<38> Signal To Pass Rule


As far as I understand you have 6 seconds to move, if you don’t then you get penalized.

<G41> Permitting To Pass - When a ROBOT has received a signal to pass (see Rule <G38>), or
when the REFEREE signals that a ROBOT is pinning an opponent in place, the ROBOT
shall have 6 seconds to move out of the way and create a “passing lane” to allow the
opposing ROBOT through. ROBOTS that fail to do so within 6 seconds after the “signal to
pass” shall receive a PENALTY. Repeated infractions will result in a YELLOW CARD being
issued to the ROBOT.

Just needed to read through the manual a little farther.

the real question to ask is Define: Light Bump… lol

Less than a high-speed ram.

haha define “high speed” lol :cool:

this is just a hunch, actually more of a side thought.

does anybody think this whole thing is going to be very much dictated by how we play the game. The first week i mean. I am somewhat worried about giving up too much torque for speed.

We are chuckling about the ‘Gentle Bump’ signal also … but after looking high and low for a rule using that wording, there is no corresponding rule that says the bumpee has to pay any attention to the signal!

Well–They don’t have to, but it’ll cost them after 6 seconds.

There is the rule you couldn’t find.

You will have robots flying everywhere to get through the laps as many times as possible. I am assuming that a robot can get hit at 16 fps (not intentionally). Make your robot robust.