G.R.I.T.S. (Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase).

Thought I’d start a thread, but don’t ask me anything about it; I got all this info off of their website.

The event will take place in the Century of Flight building of the Robins Museum of Aviation (Starbase Robins, aka “The Foundation”), 1942 Heritage Blvd. Robins Air Force Base, GA 31098

Friday, October 15th
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Teams able to setup and use field (if set-up is complete)
8:00 PM Venue closes for the night

Saturday, October 16th
7:00 AM Venue opens for teams and volunteers
9:00 AM Opening Ceremonies
9:30 AM- 12:30 PM Qualifying Rounds
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM Break for lunch
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM Qualifying Rounds resume
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM Short break and Alliance Picks
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Semi- Finals and Final Match
5:15 PM Awards

Details are on the GeorgiaFIRST website

I don’t too much about it either, but I know that they’re expecting around 20 teams.

Like last year, we’re definitely looking forward to GRITS, and hopefully we can pull over another win with 1771. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know that the limit this year is 20 teams and it is $250 per team.


1771 plans on attending again as well.

2415 will be attending once again this year and will hopefully come out on top this year.

So with the practice rounds just starting, how is it going? Or an update on the first half day?

Team 1261 will be arriving bright and early in the morning for a full day of competition.

Hope to see everyone then!!!

Only one practice match was run, at around 8:15 I think.

Due to communication FMS issues, all the bots sat on the field turned on for over an hour, and I know that our battery died, as did others I believe, so the score was 0-0!


The seeding points are off the charts on that one. Hopefully they get the bugs ironed out before tomorrow.

Does anyone have any information on the results? I had to leave before the semi-finals even started, and missed out on the end.

Uh, sorry If I don’t know a team number, but

Winners: #4 Seed

Finalists: #2 Seed

I’ve got to say that all the teams did totally awesome. I need to give major props to those alliances in the finals who gave up their time-outs to let us fix the bot and all those teams who let us borrow their first aid kits when our president started spewing blood. Playing against 1771 was really fun, too bad 1261 could ally with 1771 again.

It was great playing against you guys, wish we could have formed a Gwinnett Alliance with you, 1379, and us, and won. :smiley:

For us though, it was a great success. Seeing all of our freshman getting excited was the main purpose for us, and that was achieved, so it was great.

One thing I really disliked about GRITS was the scoring system, and the scoring display. (The refs and volunteers were always infront of the score), and the fact that scoring a ball did not count, untill it was returned back ONTO the field, not just past the non exsistant-DOGMA, kinda sucked, meaning if you scored a lot of balls in the last few seconds, you probably wouldn’t get points for it.

That, and some of the calls on a penalty. Some penaltys were acknowkleged by the ref, but were decided not to be called on. (One particular match it was a tie, and the penalty would have been the tie breaker)
I understood the premise of the event was to have fun, but to be lax with some rules, and not the others, is wrong.
(That last part was just my oponion, not one of the team)

Oh dear, the rookies. We had a lot of rookies this year and it’s always nice to see how much fun they have at competition. It’s great to give them a general feel of how competition during the season will go too, but we learned this weekend to give them a lot more experience with the robot before letting them drive a match.

The scoring system bothered me too. I feel like if the scorer was a bit more attentive during the matches, a lot of the final scores would have been different. I also wanted the rankings to be displayed continuously, but that didn’t necessarily happen until the last few matches.

Yeah, I do think that the referees did ignore the penalties for carrying the ball and having the ball under the robot. I was surprised that they were so strict with the ball being counted only when it was returned to the field, especially since those last few balls can make or break a match.