G05 - Endgame and extending

G05 seems to be more vauge than id hoped it to be:

Is it saying once im on the platform it doesnt apply vertically, or in all directions? Its clear that you cant extend past 16in till the endgame and on the platform, but not if we’re only limited on an axis (unless im blind somewhere)

There doesn’t appear to be a limit on VERTICAL extension after match start. Given that the Scale can go to 6’ at the end of the Plates, that’s not a surprising move. The robot is only 55" tall to start (4’ 7").

Per the glossary:

The frame perimeter is a 2 dimensional shape that is (normally) parallel to the floor. This means if you extend past it, you are strictly talking of horizontal extension. This rule, as I interpret it, does not have anything to do with the height of the robot.

I think what they’re getting at is when your robot orientation changes, so does the frame perimeter’s orientation. If your grappling hook goes up, grapples, and then your robot tilts on its end, it is likely the hook is more than 16" from the frame perimeter - and is not a violation since you are on the platform.

Look at the green bars in the image associated with G05 to understand how the frame perimeter orientation changes.

what if you have your cargo holder or hatch holder out of your barriers, is that illegal? (this is at the end of the match)

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