G10 calls?

In all the hubbub that has occurred with week 1, there are some clear winners (losers?) in the called-most-often fouls category. Anybody notice how damage to balls is progressing? Lists of pops/tears/scuffs? Are robots being called for G10?

The only thing I noticed at GSDE was 3958 slightly scuffing the fabric of a ball with their wheeled shooter.

I’d like to address the scuffs on the ball for team 3958 (since I’m on the team): we ripped and tore our ball several times while prototyping several types of shooters, but the final robot (called The Flop) does not scuff or rip the balls that pass through it. (just wanted to clarify)

I’d like to know if G10 is being called by the refs. Anybody?

The one pop I saw happen, happened slow enough and took quite a bit of time to figure out what happened, thus no G10. The element was a timing belt that powered a “Build Blitz Bar”. The belt sawed through the cover and then popped the ball.
I believe 1 other ball was popped at Southfield, but was not easily attributed to a particular team.