G14 - ball on rack at end

It is not clear if the 12 points for the ball on the rack at the end applies to both racks or just the home rack for the alliance. The rules say “The Overpass” without specifying which one. This implies that you get the 12 points regardless of which overpass you put the ball on.

Any coments?

I believe that it means either one. Or 24 points for both balls on either side.

If we base it on the human play at kickoff, red put they’re ball on the blue overpass, so I’m pretty sure your assumptions are right.

If your ball is stationary and fully supported by the overpass, it can be in any slot and you will recieve the 12 point bonus

Here’s the rule.

<G14>When the MATCH ends, each TRACKBALL is at least partially supported by the OVERPASS and not in contact with any ROBOT of the same ALLIANCE will earn a 12 point bonus.

Our team feels that as long as the ball is on the rack (red or blue zone) it wil count for 12 points at the end of the game.
It is advantageous to remove the opponents ball, from your rack, sometime during the game.

its both racks