<G16-G18> question

I have a question that I hope y’all can answer (either that or I’ll have to ask it on FIRST Q&A)

**<G16> BALL Return **- HUMAN PLAYERS must place BALLS on the BALL RETURN using the TRIDENT. No other means are permitted for TEAMS to return BALLS to the FIELD. Violation: Two PENALTIES and YELLOW CARD.

**<G17> BALL Return Timing **- BALLS must be returned to the FIELD within a specified period of time to prevent delaying the game according to the following algorithm:
Texpire = Tscore
• where T - [11 + (4 * n)]
• T, is the match time, in seconds, assigned to each individual BALL, at which point the Field Management System automatically assigns a PENALTY if a BALL is not passed through the BALL RETURN COUNTER, score
• n is the number of balls that have passed through either BALL COUNTER of the ALLIANCE, but not yet passed through the BALL RETURN COUNTER. is the remaining match time, in seconds, on the match timer when the ball enters the BALL COUNTER, and
Violation: One initial PENALTY plus one additional PENALTY for every 2 seconds that a BALL is not returned.

**<G18> BALLS Out of Bounds **- BALLS that leave the FIELD or get dammed on the BALL RETURN will be replaced at the earliest safe opportunity. Out of Bounds BALLS will be returned to the approximate center of the MIDFIELD.

Given these 3 rules, if the human player drops a scored ball and it rolls out of bounds by rule <G18> it will be returned to the midfield but would not have passed through the ball counter thus a team could concievably rack up 1 penalty every 2 seconds <G17> for dropping a ball.

… am I missing something?

Does the definition of FIELD include the drivers stations?

I would say if it rolled or fell out of the player station get it and return it. Under G50 u would get a penelty but it is better then having it returned to the middle with out going thru your return and then getting assesed 1 penelty every 2 seconds it is not returned.

Or just walk it over to the player with the trident it will be the safest way.

According to 6.2.1

6.2.1 The FIELD
The playing FIELD for Breakaway is a 27-foot by 54-foot carpeted area, bounded by two ALLIANCE WALLS and a Guardrail System. The FIELD is covered with carpet (S&S Mills Sequoia-20 ”scotch pine green,” “polar express blue,” and “capitol red”). The FIELD includes two BUMPS that divide the FIELD into three regions (the RED ZONE, the MIDFIELD, and the BLUE ZONE). A 2-inch wide white CENTER LINE runs down the center of the FIELD

The answer to your question is NO. Which begs the further question if a scored ball has left the field … and thus must be returned to midfield.

Q&A was asked about this earlier. As best I remember the answer, if the balls left the player station, they would be returned to the player station.

But, there could be a pretty big delay chasing them down and grabbing them. Penalties could easily be assessed during that delay.

I smell a team update coming which says that scored BALLS prior to their re-entry to the FIELD are a special case, and have not exited the FIELD for the purposes of <G18>

Here it is:


Default Ball Return Fumble, part deux
How will balls fumbled out of the ALLIANCE STATION be returned to play/the alliance?

Since team members are required to remain in the ALLIANCE STATION, but are also required to follow the dictates of the DOGMA, can we assume there will be field attendants to helpfully return any fumbles?

We realize that the we won’t get a Fumble Return Alacrity Guarantee (FRAG) from the GDC, but may we assume they’ll be informed to return the ball to a team and not the FIELD?

Default Re: Ball Return Fumble, part deux
If the BALL exits from the ALLIANCE STATION, field personnel will make reasonable efforts to return the BALL to the ALLIANCE. Note however, that there is no guaranteed time period in which the BALL may be returned, and that the ball return timer will be running while the BALL is being returned. So, again, it is in the best interests of the ALLIANCE to make sure that they do not lose control of the BALL!