G17 Tall Robot Clarification

G17 States:

ROBOT height, as measured when it’s resting normally on a flat
floor, may not exceed 45 in. (~114 cm) above the carpet during the MATCH, with the exception of

My questions is around the word “intersecting” during endgame. Does it mean just a small part of the bumper needs to cross the plane of the rendezvous point? Or does the entire robot need to be inside the rendezvous point?

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this isn’t official and I am not a ref, but keep in mind that a ref is going to need to clearly be able to see that you are intersecting the zone.

Thusly my interpretation of this is that “Intersecting” needs to be enough of your bumpers in the zone to not put any doubts in the refs mind on whether or not you are intersecting. You don’t need to be fully inside, and in theory you could be .000001" inside the zone, but really unless you are at least a few inches intersecting into the zone you may have some close calls.

And as always this is not an official interpretation please go the the official Q&A for official interpretations.


I believe intersecting just any amount of the robot. You’re intersecting whether you’re entirely in the rendezvous and only partially in it as well

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Any part of the ROBOT intersecting the RENDEZVOUS POINT. Given the definition (shown below) having a mechanism extended up to 12" past the FRAME PERIMETER breaking the “wall” of the zone counts. However, like always you want to ensure it is clear to a ref that you are not starting to exceed 45" too early (before you achieve this). Remember only half of the area under the SWITCH is your ALLIANCE’s RENDEZVOUS POINT.

RENDEZVOUS POINT: a 5 ft. 6¾ in. (~170 cm) wide, 12 ft. 6¾ in. (~383 cm) deep, infinitely tall volume formed by the ALLIANCE colored BOUNDARIES and the black BOUNDARY pair that divides the Red and the Blue BOUNDARIES. The RENDEZVOUS POINT includes the ALLIANCE colored BOUNDARIES.

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Compare the differences between this year’s rule and a similar rule in 2018. See how then it was worded “fully within”? If that’s what they wanted, that’s what they would have said this year.

G05. Don’t overextend yourself. ROBOTS may not extend more than 16 in (41 cm). beyond their
FRAME PERIMETER (see Figure 8-1). This rule doesn’t apply to a ROBOT fully within its
Violation: FOUL. If strategic, (e.g. expansion results in scoring a POWER CUBE), RED CARD.