G205 Calling in PCH district champs?

PCH District match 64 @ 1:59 mins : Red robot (6925) got a red card for blue (7451) initiated contact which resulted in blue disconnection? (blue initiation with blue resulting disconnection). I thought the main source for this rule was about initiation of contact? We talked with the head ref after and she conceded that it might’ve been called differently by others but couldn’t change the outcome? Idk, just hurt to be let down by a sport that I so dearly love. Any takes? Thanks. (also correct me if I’m wrong in any way I just want some outside takes)

I watched it… I had to watch a couple of times. I think there’s a decent case for it being the right call.

Right when the blue robot shuts off, red popped up onto the blue robot’s bumpers (for about the third time in ten seconds). I can’t tell for sure if it was all blue going under red or if red was driving towards blue as well–so possible mutual initiation there.

Now, is that actually the right call? I’m not sure. It’s not obviously the wrong call…

You’re right, the primary call here is “initiating” damaging contact (and the lack of driving is a default to a red card). The catch is that “initiating” only requires moving towards your opponent, and both robots can initiate! (I’m ignoring the other possible component–deliberate damage–because you and I both know that would take quite a bit more than just routine defense to show.)

tl;dr: It looks like you guys might have actually been initiating, just barely… and just enough to get called. And it’s a close call, at that.

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This makes a lot of sense. Thank you. In the heat of competition it gets heated so obviously I’ll be bias, but there are so many factors at play here that just don’t get represented (example being line of sight, or just the fact that once in the air 6925 couldn’t really do anything to stop themselves anymore). This mutual initiating was not in malintent by either team so it just sucks that it had to happen and one side suffered very brutally, I understand the need for rules and I understand the need to both enforce and be harsh with punishment, so it is what it is and it is sometimes the way it goes.

(funny moment: our driver is the nicest person on the field. She straight up yelled “excuse me, excuse me!!” to both our alliance and the other when she wanted to get through to hang in one of the quali matches. so OF COURSE she’s the only one at the time to get the “this is not combat robotics penalty” at PCH champs… irony is great)

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