G209 consistency

I know this match isn’t pretty at all, but watch the endgame for the blue alliance. 1322 was not awarded a climb because we were “touching the other robot” per the head ref. At Kettering 1 if this happened the robot was awarded with a climb.
For those who don’t know, rule G209 states “A robot may not be fully supported by a partner robot.”

What are your opinions on this?

Is this the correct match? We can’t see what happens at t=0, but from what it looks like 1322 isn’t touching any other robots.

As far as the rule goes, I’ve always seen it handled that if a robot is being supported by a robot that is on a lower rung, the climb will be scored at the lower rung’s value. As long as it is not fully supported (hanging completely from the robot) then the climb is still legal.

Edit: what is up with this match video? 2 minutes of set up, then 30 seconds into teleop it skips to 20 seconds remaining, then cuts out with 6 seconds left

If they qualified for hanging points so should you, if they didn’t so should you not.

From 6.4.1

A ROBOT may only earn points for a single RUNG. To qualify for HANGAR points from a given RUNG, a
ROBOT may only be contacting:
• RUNG(S) at that level or higher (i.e. the level is determined by the lowest RUNG with which a
ROBOT is in contact),
• truss structure,
• guardrails,
• an opponent ROBOT, and/or
• another ROBOT qualified for any HANGAR points, including those awarded per violation of G208.


It is the correct match. I’m not too sure what’s up with the video, maybe they don’t want to see the result /s. By the end of the match there was a robot attempting to climb on the first rung but was unsuccessful and was barely contacting 1322’s bumper. A team member went into the question box and the head referee stated that fully supported means “touching”

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Yeah that’s definitely not true…

That being said… if 1322 was partially supported by the robot that did not climb successfully, then the scoring would’ve been correct. In this case G209 does not matter, it’s section 6.4.1.


Oh well, it’s in the past. The way I see it is that it DID cost us a win and 2 RP, however if we didn’t have a problem with our climber we would have been on the traversal bar anyways.

That’s… Not it.

What the problem sounds like is the definition of scoring. @BigJ nailed it. “Robot touching floor” does not count for Hangar points; neither does “robot that is not qualified for Hangar points”.

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